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Chambourcin is a red French-American hybrid grape that competes for one of the world’s most popular hybrid grape varieties. It is known for its rich color that adds depth to many red blends. It is known as a teinturier grape (from the French word for “dye”) which is known for producing dark juice, rather than clear. Chambourcin is celebrated during the month of November. 



Acres in Missouri:

11.5% - 195.5 acres

Flavors or tasting notes:

The nose will often pick up notes of cherry and a light oak while it will taste earthy on the palate with strong notes of dark cherry.

Taste Profile:

Smooth, medium-bodied wine with soft and subtle tannins

Ideal Serving Temperature:

65°F to cellar temperature

Food pairings:

Pork loin, burgers, short ribs, red sauce, mushrooms, applesauce, strawberries, figs, brie, camembert, walnuts, cobbler, chocolate cake

Recipe ideas:

Wine Can Chicken

Cake Pops

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Slow-cooker Chambourcin Mushrooms

Chambourcin Wine Reduction Sauce

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cranberry Sauce

Mulled Wine Cheesecake

Wine Finishing Salt

Missouri Red Wine Cheese Dip

 Sweetness Scale:
Chambourcin semi-dry/semi-sweetChambourcin Infographic


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Vidal Blanc is a French-American hybrid varietal that is known for its hardiness and ability to tolerate colder climates due to its thicker skin. Vidal Blanc was developed by a French grape breeder in the 1930s and has since found a home in Missouri wine country. This grape is often produced as a single varietal wine that varies from dry to semi-dry, and is sometimes used in blends and produced as a sweet, dessert-style sparkling wine. Vidal Blanc is characterized by large grape clusters with small russet dots on the grapes themselves. Although the vines of this varietal are fairly winter hardy, they are susceptible to several fungus diseases. Vidal Blanc is harvested during the early fall, and this varietal's grape clusters are resistant to rot and can stay on the vine for longer than other varietals, like Seyval Blanc. Vidal Blanc is processed as a white wine and not fermented on the skins. Vidal Blanc is celebrated during the month of June.



Acres in Missouri:

5.9% - 98.8 acres

Flavors or tasting notes:

Pear, apple, citrus and other fruits

Taste Profile:

Medium-bodied, crisp and clean

Ideal Serving Temperature:


Food pairings:

Grilled chicken and seafood, broccoli & asparagus, sushi, soup, mozzarella, pasta & cream sauce, citrus, pine nuts & melon

Recipe ideas:

Vidal Blanc Pulled Pork

Easy Cheesy Squash Gratin

White Wine Cake


Pineapple Joy

Beef Kabobs with Wine-Infused Dipping Sauce

Bright and Light Fish with Vidal Blanc

Missouri White Wine Shrimp Linguine

Missouri Winter White Sangria

Pasta Primavera

Making Great Marinades

White Wine Ravioli with Tomatoes & Spinach

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky winetails


 Sweetness Scale:
Sweetness Scale Varietals NortonVidal Infographic


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