Chardonel: A springtime staple

April 04, 2023

Chardonel month 2023 Every April, we take the time to focus on Chardonel. This “springtime staple” is easy to love. As the weather turns warmer, it is the perfect seasonal transition to white wines. Its crisp and delicious fruity notes awaken the senses, just as spring warms the Earth in Missouri wine country. The crisp acidity is balanced and refreshing, perfect for all kinds of wine enthusiasts.

Augusta Winery’s 2021 Estate Bottled Chardonel won Best Chardonel Varietal at the 2022 Missouri Wine Competition held in July. The winemaker, Colin Pennington, was excited that Augusta Winery secured this honor.

“The 2021 Chardonel was produced from a young vineyard where the vines are still establishing themselves,” Pennington says. “I couldn't be happier with how this Chardonel turned out and I'm excited to see what this vineyard produces in the future.” 

You’ll find another award-winning Chardonel at Adam Puchta Winery in Hermann. Their 2021 Chardonel took home top honors, earning a Jefferson Cup at the 2022 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.

Lee Baker, Adam Puchta Winery’s Brand Ambassador, shares excitement about what you’ll experience from their winemaking process for Chardonel.

“It’s made using the ‘Sur Lie’ (on the lees) style which is how the signature aromas and flavors of green apple and unripe pear come to life,” Baker says. “Being left on the lees imparts a softer mouthfeel that is present in the finish of this lightly oaked dry white wine.”

One of the best ways to explore the Chardonel varietal is to experience it in pairings

Baker says their Chardonel pairs beautifully with seafood, baked Brie, French cheeses, grilled chicken, alfredo, pesto, Portobello mushrooms, and more.  They also feature a Chardonel cheese sauce, served with warm, Bavarian style pretzels, at their 1855 Cellar Bistro.

Add these delightful springtime staples to your list to try the next time you visit Augusta and Hermann. Share your experiences with Chardonel by tagging #missouriwine and @missouriwine on social. Cheers to Chardonel Month!

Trip Planner: Hermann

March 28, 2023

Download and save to utilize this clickable PDF on your next trip to Hermann!
Enjoy highlights of Missouri wine country with this new and improved trip planner.
Wine, dine, stay and explore these wonderful Hermann locations!

Cool Off with Frosé

June 08, 2023

Cool off with Frose: Cheers


Summer has arrived and as the temperatures rise, we’re all thinking about ways to cool down. This super easy and totally refreshing Frosé (frozen rosé) is exactly what you need! Frozen fruit and Missouri rosé wine come together quickly and simply to create this delicious, frosty treat. 





Frosé Recipe Cool off with Frose: Ingredients

Time: 5 minutes, Servings: 5-6


1 bottle Missouri rosé wine (750ml) 

2 cups Strawberries, frozen 

2 cups Watermelon, frozen (seedless and chopped into small cubes, approx. 1 in.)

¼ cup Fresh lime juice 

2-4 tbsp Simple syrup or agave, to taste 


  1. Add the rosé wine, frozen fruit and lime juice to a blender. 
  2. Blend on med-high until smooth and slushy. If it’s thinner than you would like, add more frozen fruit half a cup at a time. 
  3. Taste the mixture and add simple syrup one tablespoon at a time until you reach the desired sweetness. The amount you’ll need is based on the sweetness level of the wine you use. If you choose a sweet rosé, you’ll need less sweetener. 
  4. Pour and enjoy! 
  5. Optional: Garnish with fresh strawberries and lime wheels. 


*If you want to make this treat ahead or have leftovers you want to save for another time, pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze them. Just pop the cubes into the blender when you’re ready to enjoy the frosé. 


Missouri Catawba, usually made in the rosé style, is a great varietal to try in this simple recipe. However, it works well with just about any rosé wine as it is so easily customized to your sweetness preferences. Cheers to staying cool with a glass of Frosé!


Cool off with Frose: Missouri Wine

Build the Best Salad Dressings with MO Wine

June 06, 2023

Salads are especially popular during the summer when a hot meal may not be as appealing. Everyone knows a good dressing is a must for creating a delicious salad. Here is an infographic that breaks down how to make tasty salad dressings every time using Missouri wine. 

Infographic - How to build the best salad dressings with Missouri wine


Vidal Blanc- Simple like a Summer Day

June 01, 2023

Vidal Blanc - Simple like a summer dayHardy on the vine and delectable in a glass, Vidal Blanc provides a simply crisp and refreshing taste with every sip. The medium bodied, crisp and clean wine typically offers flavors of pear, apple and citrus fruits, making it the perfect wine to celebrate the start of summer. 

This Missouri varietal is known for its hardiness in the vineyards given its ability to tolerate colder climates with a thicker grape skin. The grape was developed by a French grape breeder in the 1930s and has been prominent in Missouri wine country ever since.

Flavors of summer can be found in every glass, while pairing this crisp white wine will enhance your experience furthermore. Ideal pairings are grilled chicken and seafood, broccoli, asparagus, citrus and melon; the perfect items to top your menu this summer.

Celebrate Vidal Blanc month during June and enjoy this delightful Missouri wine that is perfectly simple like a summer day. Learn more about Vidal Blanc and find delicious recipes to try here.

What is Mouthfeel?

May 25, 2023

Drinking wine is an experience for all of the senses. Mouthfeel refers mostly to the sense of touch, but with your mouth rather than your hands… ergo mouth-feel. It’s the way the wine feels while you are sipping and after. The primary components of mouthfeel are body, texture, balance, and finish. This infographic explains everything that goes into those pieces to make up the entire mouthfeel, which is a large part of the wine tasting experience.

What is Mouthfeel Infographic | Missouri Wines


Rocheport Stroll

Location : Rocheport, MO
Phone : 5738192337
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The Rocheport Stroll will be held on Saturday, June 17th, 2022, rain or shine. It will run from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Strollers will purchase a wine glass for $25.00 and will then stroll the beautiful streets of Rocheport and visit the different locations, which include most of our wonderful shops. A different winery or brewery will be stationed at each location.
Event Cost : $25
Learn more about this event here

Glasgow Wine Walk

Location : Downtown Glasgow
Phone : 6603382100
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Enjoy downtown Glasgow located on the banks of the Missouri River while sampling 10 different Missouri Wineries and listening to live music. VIP tickets are limited and available on the Glasgow Mo Chamber website. These tickets feature a one hour early entry to the event and some extra wine swag in your bag. General admission starts at 4 PM and tickets can be bought online or at Beckett’s Winery in Glasgow.
Event Cost : $25 in advance 30 at the door 40 VIP ticket

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