Take Their Words for It

May 10, 2023

There are many reasons to love Missouri wines, but don’t just take our word for it. We visited with fellow Missouri wine enthusiasts to see just what they loved about sipping wine in the Show Me State. Read the many reasons they love Missouri wine and take note of how you can elevate your experience in Missouri wine country.

Bask in the Beauty

Missouri wine country has no shortage of stunning vistas and getting there might be half the fun. Whether you arrive by plane, train, automobile or even trolley, Missouri wine country’s unique topography makes it worthy of sight-seeing. You can even plan a road trip to see some of these scenic drives available statewide. 

“Traveling Missouri’s highways and byways has created marvelous memories while leading us to the best wineries with picturesque views! Picnic, find a commonplace to meet friends, or surprise someone with a romantic getaway the possibilities are endless. Venture out and create memories with your person or crew, you might find another favorite winery.”Scott Rombach, Washington, MO


Experience Missouri Wine

With more than 125 Missouri wineries to visit, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you. Look for local wineries using this interactive map or taste your way through a region with one of 10 Missouri wine trails.

“My husband and I love the friendly and relaxed environment of Missouri wineries! Whether it be sitting under a tree at Noboleis Vineyards or by the fire at Hermannhof Winery, we receive wonderful service and great wines!”Denise D, Palmyra, MO


Explore Missouri Wineries and Vineyards

Missouri wine country is full of special events, festivals and celebrations to explore. Check out our  calendar for upcoming events or download a regional travel guide to see what the state’s well-known wine regions have to offer.

“Several years ago, when my husband and I were the chase crew for a hot air balloon pilot in the New Haven Balloon Race, the pilot led us down a gravel road when he landed in one of Kuenzel Valley Winery’s pastures. Now the vineyard is one of our favorites”Christina G, Ballwin, MO


Appreciate QualityAerial image of vineyard stating "MO Wine, Take Their Words for It"

Missouri wine country offers more than good views and good times, it is full of great wine! Did you know that Missouri’s own Augusta region was the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) recognized in the U.S. as a region that produced high-quality wine? This means Missouri wines were noted for their quality before California. Today, the Show-Me State boasts five AVAs — each with their own unique terroir. Check out the winners from Missouri’s own Governor’s Cup or top-ranking wines from contests around the country.

“Watching Missouri wines evolve for four decades has been head-spinning, but more’s the pleasure upon showing these wines to wine experts from other regions and countries. They’re shocked by the balance, the subtleties, the distinctive character now being coaxed from a variety of grapes. More than anything, people are wowed by our dry and off-dry wines.” — Doug Frost, Beverage Director, The Restaurant at 1900


Sample Missouri Varietals

Part of what makes Missouri wines so wonderful are the many unique varietals that thrive in the Show-Me State. These grapes, which grow well in Missouri’s climate and soil, can please a range of palates. Simply taste or pair your favorite Missouri varietal with a dish or dessert.

“Missouri definitely offers a wide variety of dry to sweet wines. The Norton wine stands out as one that is widely available across the state. As a person that enjoys a good steak, the quality of a Norton is a perfect pairing for bold and dry red wine lovers.”Dearion B, St. Louis


Take a Weekend Getaway

From girls’ trips to family gatherings, make a weekend of it in Missouri wine country. These handy travel guides can help you plan your weekend getaway. Whether you want to curl up at a quaint B&B or camp out under the stars, there are plenty of place where you can stay and play.

“Each year my friends and spouses spend a weekend in Hermann enjoying the local wineries and atmosphere. The trip is a blast composed of creating memories and sharing laughs. The first year, one of the couples got engaged on the trip!” Tessa B, Kansas City

Enjoying Wine at Home

You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy Missouri wines. Curl up on the couch with a good book. Add a splash of your favorite Missouri wine to your favorite recipe or find other inventive ways to cook with wine. Host an at-home tasting or have a DI-Wine night with your favorite upcycling bottle craft. Simply rest and relax with your favorite Missouri wine and while practicing a little self-care.

“Spending time with friends while sharing our favorite Missouri wine is priceless.  Truly the best wine is the wine we drink together.”Melissa H, Rolla, MO


Variety is the Spice of Life

As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons to love Missouri wines. From the 125+ unique wineries to the regions that grow them, getting there may be half the fun, but we know you’ll want to stay. So, have a taste, there’s something for everyone to love.   

“The variety and personality of wineries in Missouri is almost overwhelming! We boast scenic views overlooking the Missouri River such as Oak Glenn in Hermann and Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport. We have remote settings like Jowler Creek Winery near Platte City with their fall hayrides and White Mule Winery outside of Owensville. We have destination area wineries like Lindwedel Winery and Bear Creek Winery near Branson and Shawnee Bluff and Seven Springs Wineries at Lake of the Ozarks. Missouri also features wineries in highly populated areas such as Amigoni Urban Winery and Fountain City Winery in Downtown Kansas City. Unique wineries include the haunted Belvoir Winery in Liberty and the Cave Winery outside of St. Genevieve.
Missouri has wineries to fit any mood you're in!”
David B, Louisiana, MO


Tell us in all the reasons you love Missouri wine — #missouriwine and @missourwine on social media.






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