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Chambourcin is a red French-American hybrid grape that competes for one of the world’s most popular hybrid grape varieties. It is known for its rich color that adds depth to many red blends. It is known as a teinturier grape (from the French word for “dye”) which is known for producing dark juice, rather than clear. Chambourcin is celebrated during the month of November. 



Acres in Missouri:

11.5% - 195.5 acres

Flavors or tasting notes:

The nose will often pick up notes of cherry and a light oak while it will taste earthy on the palate with strong notes of dark cherry.

Taste Profile:

Smooth, medium-bodied wine with soft and subtle tannins

Ideal Serving Temperature:

65°F to cellar temperature

Food pairings:

Pork loin, burgers, short ribs, red sauce, mushrooms, applesauce, strawberries, figs, brie, camembert, walnuts, cobbler, chocolate cake

Recipe ideas:

Wine Can Chicken

Cake Pops

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Slow-cooker Chambourcin Mushrooms

Chambourcin Wine Reduction Sauce

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cranberry Sauce

Mulled Wine Cheesecake

Wine Finishing Salt

Missouri Red Wine Cheese Dip


 Sweetness Scale:
Chambourcin semi-dry/semi-sweetChambourcin Infographic


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Bottles labeled as a blend refer to wines made from blending two or more varieties of grapes together. Winemakers in Missouri frequently use Norton, Chambourcin, St. Vincent, Cabernet Franc and even Concord. The different grapes are often processed and fermented separately then blended together at later stages. Blending grapes can add complexity and balance while enhancing aromas, finish and mouthfeel.

Ideal Serving Temperature:


Food pairings:

The best pairing will likely depend of the particular style of the wine. A heavier red blend may pair well with steak or lamb. Consider pairing a medium-bodied red blend with pizza or pasta.

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