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From perfect pairings to do-it-yourself crafts, it's no secret that wine is more than a beverage. Here, you'll find all kinds of fascinating stories, recipes and videos to make the most of your Missouri wine experience. Cheers!

Weston Wine Co
Weston Wine Company: Pairing with Experiences
Hannah Magee always dreamed of owning a winery. Her love of Missouri wine and knack for marketing led her to Jowler Creek Winery in Platte City,...
Father's Day
Father’s Day in MO Wine Country
Father’s Day is coming and we’re here to help you get prepared. Looking for a great Father’s Day gift? How about wine,...
Summer Sipping Outdoors
Summer Sipping Outdoors
Does the warm weather have you eager to escape the confines of your home? Consider soaking in the great outdoors on a Missouri winery patio....
Rosé Day
Rosé Day
Did you know June 13 is National Rosé Day? Rosés continue to be a trendy favorite among wine consumers - women and men. There’s...
Sipping white wine in the backyard
Vidal Blanc Month in Missouri
Vidal Blanc, pronounced vee-dahl blahnk, is a French-American hybrid grape that most often produces a dry to semi-dry wine with fragrances of a...
Red wine burger with glass of wine
Red Wine Burger
BBQ grills are firing up across the Show-Me State. Why not mix-up your burger routine with this easy red wine ground beef recipe? You likely have...
Open Local Wine Night
Open Local Wine Night
When The Cork Report created the first #openlocalwine night back in March, they never could have imagined how popular it would be...
Raspberry and wine sorbet in bowl
5 Ingredient Raspberry Sorbet
Looking for a simple dessert recipe to amp up your dinner plans? This raspberry wine sorbet is sure to please. You can prepare this dish in...
Mimosas in glasses
Making Mimosas with Missouri Wine
May 16 is Mimosa Day and what better way to celebrate than to add your favorite sparkling Missouri wine to one of these delicious recipes...
Missouri canned wines in cooler
Pop the Top on Canned Missouri Wine
Canned wine – what once was a novel idea has become more mainstream and continues to grow in popularity among wine consumers. Several...