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From perfect pairings to do-it-yourself crafts, it's no secret that wine is more than a beverage. Here, you'll find all kinds of fascinating stories, recipes and videos to make the most of your Missouri wine experience. Cheers!

Wine pouring into glass
At-Home Wine Tasting
At-home wine tastings are easier than you’d think. Just gather the wine and select some yummy food items from the kitchen. Here are some...
Lemon Butter Seafood Pasta plated with white wine and wine bottle
Lemon Butter Seafood Pasta
Looking for a new twist on a family favorite? This spaghetti recipe will wow your quarantine crew and uses many common ingredients you may...
Experience Chardonel, Missouri's Full-Bodied White Wine
Brighten Your Day with Chardonel
Spring is here! Warmer temperatures are on the way. As nature emerges from the shadows of winter, you may find your wine preference shifting...
Screenshot of Where to Buy page
Where to Find Missouri Wine
Did you fall in love with a particular wine while touring one of the Show-Me State’s 130 wineries? Does your friend insist that you try...
Wine bottles wrapped in jute
DIY Wine Bottle Creations
Do you have leftover wine bottles sitting around? Turn them into something amazing! Below are some quick and easy ideas on how to upcycle those...
Missouri Rosés title over various shades of rosé wine.
Missouri Rosés
How is rosé wine made? You may have heard that all rosés are made by mixing white and red wine together, that however is a myth. The...
Meet MVP members, the Bowers and Rombachs
Missouri Wine Country Couples
Missouri wine country is a beautiful place to explore. What makes the journey even more special are the friendships you make along the way. If...
Picture of mead wine in a jar and a glass sitting on picnic table outdoors
Try a Missouri Mead
Perhaps you’ve seen something called Mead on your local grocery store shelves but you asked yourself, “What is mead?” In short,...
Women keep things running smoothly at these wineries.
Women Behind Missouri Wine
March is designated as Women’s History Month. While we remember women who have played a vital role in our state’s winemaking history, we...
Enjoy a twist on a classic cocktail.
Moscow Mule with Wine
How do you improve on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail? By adding Missouri wine, of course. This easy-to-make cocktail dates back to the 1940s...