Toast to the Season: A Guide to Winter Wines in Missouri

November 22, 2023

Missouri has beautiful winters, and what better way to enjoy the season than with a glass of wine? The state boasts a thriving wine industry with wineries producing unique and flavorful wines. Winter is the perfect time to sample some of Missouri's seasonal wines that pair perfectly with cozy nights.

Holly Berry – Dale Hollow WineryHolly Berry Wine

This sweet blackberry wine is not one to miss. Katy Dale says, “Our family loves the holiday season and wine is a staple at our Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. We release a holiday-inspired wine label every year to hopefully help others have a little more joy this time of year.”


Cranberry Bubbly – St. James Wineryst james bubbly cranberry

Cranberry Bubbly is an excellent choice for any occasion, whether it's a special celebration or a casual get-together with friends. Its beautiful pink hue and sophisticated taste make it an ideal wine to serve at dinner parties or to enjoy as an aperitif. St. James Winery's Cranberry Bubbly is a wonderful addition to any wine collection and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Frohlichwein Winter Spice – Wenwood Farm Winery

FrohlichweinFrohlichwein is a grape wine blended with fall fruits, like cranberry and apple, along with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and a splash of raspberry. This winter seasonal wine is designed to be heated and enjoyed warm, like a mulled wine or cider. This wine is inspired by the Gluhweins of Germany, adding a Missouri twist to this winter tradition.


Cranberry & Plum – Hemman Winery

Cranberry is a sweet but tart wine that is perfect for any holiday celebration. This wine is great to cook with. Try a glaze for meatballs or even a pork loin! Cranberry wine is a versatile ingredient that adds a tangy and fruity flavor to any dish it’s used in. The sweetness of cranberry wine makes it an excellent ingredient to add to savory dishes.


Plum is a sweet red wine with a hint of cinnamon. This special wine pairs well with a variety of foods, including spicy Asian dishes, grilled meats, and rich desserts. It is also a great addition to cocktails, adding a unique and delicious twist to traditional drinks.


Mull It Over – Adam Puchta Winerymull it over

This seasonal exclusive wine is rich with exotic spices, and an enticing orange zest on the nose with bold flavors of cinnamon and clove. Subtle cherry and brown sugar excite the palate while a hint of light orange gives it a pleasant citrus finish. This special wine would be perfectly served warm while cozied up by the fireplace.


Perry & Hollyberry Red Chambourcin – Edg-Clif Vineyard & Wineryperry wine

Made from the beautiful pears in their own orchard. Edg-Clif Vineyard & Winery uses multiple varieties of heirloom pears go into make this traditional English-style Perry Wine - semi-dry, fruity, crisp, and slightly effervescent. This is a great wine to serve with a celebration turkey!


Hollyberry Red Chambourcin is a semi-sweet wine with loads of blackberry flavor which is pleasing chilled or yummy warmholly berry red with the mulling spices, orange and brandy added for a cold winter evening. Steffie Littlefield, co-owner of Edg-Clif Vineyard & Winery, says, “[We] wanted to create a holiday wine that was giftable by itself or as a DIY package with recipe ingredients.”


Ginger Wonderland & Traditions – Brix Urban Winery

Ginger Wonderland is a unique and delightful winter mead made with smoked candied ginger, cinnamon sticks,brix and the marshmallow goodness of flower honey.


Traditions is a plum and cranberry wine that is a best seller for Brix Urban Winery and is the perfect blend of sweet and tart. It is also perfect for any mulled wine recipe.


Chase-N-Berry & Mary Kathryn’s Cranberry – Small Batch Winerysmall batch

Discover the powerful and delicious acai fruit, blended perfectly with raspberry.If you're looking for a new flavor experience, look no further than the Chase-N-Berry wine from Small Batch Winery! This small but mighty fruit packs a punch, especially when blended with raspberry. Its rich and unique taste will leave you wanting more. Enjoy it with friends and family at any gathering, big or small.


Savor the crisp taste of cranberries coupled with the fruity richness of this ruby-colored Mary Kathryn’s Cranberry wine. The robust yet elegant sweet berry flavors make for a truly delightful experience. This wine would be a perfect combination with holiday turkey or even ham.


Chai Spice – Van Till Family Farm Winery

Chai Spice is a sweet wine that smells and tastes like ‘Christmas in a bottle’. The Van Till team infused a blend of spices into a tank of red wine blend, and their Chai Spice was born! This unique wine pairs well with pumpkin pie and spicy foods.


Kris Kringle – Baltimore Bend VineyardKris Kringle

This holiday wine is blended with Vignoles and Norton grape varieties with cinnamon. The bottles display a festive label created by a local artist, Mary Scanlin. This year's label helps commemorate their 20th anniversary in the wine industry. Sarah Schmidt, Co-Owner of Baltimore Bend Vineyard, says, “Kris Kringle is great enjoyed chilled or at room temperature, but is especially tasty warmed with mulling spices through the cold winter months”. This wine has made an appearance in the Baltimore Bend wine list for 12 years now and continues to be a popular one.

winter white

Winter White - Les Bourgeois Vineyards

This seasonal, sweet white blend presents aromas of vanilla blossom and candied pear on the nose transitioning into layers of fruit notes of jammy peach, kiwi, melon and grapefruit zest. The Les Bourgeois Vineyards team wanted to show wine lovers that winter is not just for red wines, so Winter White was born!

Cranberry - Stone Hill Winery

This is a sweet seasonal wine, bursting with the aroma and flavor of ripe cranberries. Perfect for any Holiday celebration,cranberry wine Stone Hill Cranberry flavored grape wine can be served with your favorite foods, poured over ice, or even used in the kitchen as part of a special Holiday treat!


Missouri wineries have much to offer during the winter season. From bold reds to crisp whites, there is a wine to suit every palate. So, this winter, why not explore the seasonal Missouri wines and discover your new favorite bottle? Cheers to a season filled with warmth, joy, and great wine!

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