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From perfect pairings to do-it-yourself crafts, it's no secret that wine is more than a beverage. Here, you'll find all kinds of fascinating stories, recipes and videos to make the most of your Missouri wine experience. Cheers!

Say Hello to New Wineries in Missouri Wine Country
Missouri wine country offers a range of diverse wineries and event spaces that span from the bootheel to the northwest corner of the state, and...
Berry Mint Vignoles Ice Pops
Berry Mint Vignoles Ice Pops
August has been a scorcher, so let’s cool down and reminisce simpler times with a chilly treat! This quick recipe combines your favorite...
Van Till
Van Till: The Postcard Perfect Dream
The Van Tills left California nearly 20 years ago with a postcard-perfect dream of a farm-to-table winery in the Midwest. Today, Van Till Family...
LaChance Vineyards: A tradition of happiness
Jefferson County winery LaChance Vineyards (pronounced la-shontz) honors owners Harold and Tami Hamby's family traditions. Its name...
Delicious and Easy Peachy Vignoles Trifle
Delicious and Easy Peachy Vignoles Trifle
Vignoles is a popular white wine in Missouri. It’s super fruity and refreshing and pairs well with a long list of foods. Fresh fruit is a...
Cut the Heat with Vignoles
Cut the Heat with Vignoles
It's summertime in Missouri. Grab a glass of Vignoles and cut the heat with this refreshing white wine. August is Vignoles month in...
Junk Food and Missouri Wines
Junk Food and MO Wine Pairing
Pair your favorite snacks with the perfect Missouri wine. These dynamic duos are delicious. Cheers!
White Mule Winery
White Mule Winery: A Taste of Community
In 1861, Charles (Charlie) Schlottach's great-great-grandfather literally followed wagon wheels from Germany to central Missouri, serving as...
Concord Grapes
7 Fast Facts About Concord Grapes
It's Concord month, and it's time to celebrate the quintessential grape juice flavor we know and love. Concord grapes are not only a...
Wine Tiki Torches
Wine Tiki Torches
Upcycle your empty wine bottle into a beautiful tiki torch that will be sure to give your outdoor space a “glow-up.” You’ll be...