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From perfect pairings to do-it-yourself crafts, it's no secret that wine is more than a beverage. Here, you'll find all kinds of fascinating stories, recipes and videos to make the most of your Missouri wine experience. Cheers!

Discover Norton this January
Norton: The Show-Me Standout
During the month of January, discover the red wine that stands out from the rest. Norton is a favorite among those who prefer a dry, red wine....
2020 wine lovers calendar with months listed and grape images
2020 Wine Lover's Calendar
The new year is here and there are many things to look forward to in Missouri wine country. On our calendar, you’ll find several months...
American Heritage Grapes
American Heritage Grapes
As you sip your favorite wines, do you ever stop and think about the grapes in your glass? You might be surprised to discover that some of Missouri...
bowl of peach ice cream
Peach Wine Ice Cream
If you love wine and ice cream, try mixing them together. We served this peach wine ice cream at an event and it was a crowd pleaser!
Holiday Wine Cocktail
Holiday Wine Cocktail
Add a new tradition to your holiday season. Treat yourself to a delicious cocktail featuring a dry red wine from your favorite Missouri winery. With...
Simple Decorating Ideas
Holiday Craft Ideas with Missouri Wine Bottles
If you’re brainstorming ideas on how to decorate your place this holiday season, we have the perfect project for you. Turn your empty bottles...
Experiece the holidays in Missouri wine country.
Spend the Holiday Season in Missouri Wine Country
Another year has flown by and the holiday season is upon us. In-between the mad dash for shopping deals and feasting on delicious meals, treat...
Visit Pirtle Winery in Weston.
Pirtle Winery: Turning a Backyard Hobby into an Award-Winning Winery
Elbert Pirtle’s passion for winemaking began in his own backyard. A math professor at the University of Missouri – Kansas City,...
wine storage racks
Tips for Storing Wine
You’ve built up quite the wine collection but you’re not sure how to keep it fresh. We’ve got some tried-and-true wine storage...
Cheescake with dark red swirl on top
Recipe Round-Up: Cooking with Chambourcin
November is Chambourcin month in Missouri and what better way to celebrate than to bring one of these delicious recipes to your family and friends...