A Sonnet to Sip with this Valentine's Day

March 05, 2023

We wanted to show our praise and adoration for our Valentine, Missouri wine, with a Sonnet. This form of poetry is often used to communicate love. Although Shakepearean Sonnets are popular, there is also the Petrarchan style, which is used here. Learn, explore and enjoy the things to love about Missouri wine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A poem about true love you ask?

Visit the Show Me State, Missouri and find wine contrast.

Look to the origin of the industry, an important time of past,

credit due to vintners, winemakers and wineries working today, accepting the task.

Find flavorful, award-winning reds, Norton and Chambourcin, in both vat and cask.

Their boldness and notes (fruit forward, complex and robust) each last.

Discover white wines that dazzle your palate, quite fast,

in Chardonel’s crispness and Vignoles’ versatility you’ll bask.


Light and refreshing Blancs: Seyval and Vidal, add in floral Traminette,

these are sure to capture not only your senses, also your loyalty and heart.

With each visit comes rewards and memories, opportunities beyond and above,

fruit flavor from Concord and Catawba we will not easily forget.

Planning is made easy, just visit one of your local wineries to start,

try all the varietals, at least one Missouri wine you’re sure to love.


Common interest and connection are found throughout the state when it comes to Missouri wine. Cheers to those who continue to love these unique and flavorful varietals and blends!


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