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Vignoles (pronounced veen-yole) is one of Missouri’s most versatile white grapes and a popular cultivar grown in the Midwest. This French-American hybrid produces wines that have range from dry, to sweet, to late harvest dessert wines; Vignoles is also a popular choice for white wine blends. Vignoles grapes are hardy enough to handle Show-Me State winters, and are one of the earlier ripening grape varietals in the state. Vignoles' crowd-pleasing capabilities and array of wine styles make it an incredibly popular choice among the wine-buying public.

Vignoles is celebrated during the month of August. 


Vignoles accounts for 15.5% of all grapes grown in Missouri.

Tasting Notes

  • Luscious aromas and flavors of tropical fruits with a crisp mouthfeel
  • Wide range of wine styles varying from dry to sweet
  • Notes of citrus aromas (and sometimes floral aromas depending on the wine style)
  • Flavors of pineapple, apricot, peach and citrus 
  • Pairs excellently with a variety of foods including spicy dishes and fresh fruit


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