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Concordselected from the wild in the 1840s, takes its name from the discovery of the grape in Concord, Massachusetts. This American grape has a longstanding history and is familiar due to its use in grape juices and jellies. Concord has medium-sized clusters of large berries, and its vines are incredibly vigorous and winter-hardy. Concord is fermented on the skins and is considered a "slip skin" grape, meaning that the skin easily separates from the pulp during winemaking. Concord is commonly produced as a sweeter wine that is fruity, with a medium body and vibrant blue-purple color.

Concord is celebrated during the month of July. 

Concord accounts for 6.6% of all grapes grown in Missouri.

Tasting Notes
  • Robust, yet soft and balanced
  • Medium-bodied, sweet red wine
  • Flavors and aromas of classic grape juice
  • Candy-like sweetness and jammy notes
  • Best served chilled

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