Röbller Vineyard Toasts to a Landmark Anniversary

March 02, 2021

Röbller Vineyard has a unique, distinct history of staying true to tradition, and in April they are celebrating three decades of success in being unique in Missouri wine country.

Robert and Lois Mueller were hobby winemakers in the 1980s, and moved to New Haven to pursue their passion. This family-owned and operated Missouri winery has been growing grapes for 33 years on their property in a unique geological region of the state, and operating their winery for the last 30 years. From the beginning, Röbller Vineyard has remained dedicated to dry farming with the goal of becoming a 100% estate-produced winery. The result of this commitment comes through in their vintage driven wine portfolio expressing the best of what can be achieved in Missouri.

The winery property, which has its own historic past, is also celebrating a landmark anniversary. In 1821, the same year that Missouri gained statehood, the property was land-granted to the original owner. The homestead’s original log cabin (built in 1821) remains on the property and an active part of the Röbller operation.

With multiple anniversaries that coincide with Missouri’s bicentennial, Röbller Vineyards has some big plans up their sleeve to honor their history of success.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Röbller is releasing special wines. One of which is Land Grant Red, paying homage to the historical significance of the anniversary and roots of the property. This wine was created as a field blend of five red grapes including Norton and Chambourcin. The Old-World approach of field blending is indicative of Robller Vineyard’s commitment to the European winegrowing philosophy.  The grapes were harvested, processed and fermented together as a single wine from the vineyard’s 30th growing season with the intent of creating a special wine for the coming celebration. Additionally, Röbller plans to release a Reserve Vignoles and several other anniversary wines that will be available for purchase. As a special treat, Röbller is partnering with local business, Cool Cow Cheese, to offer special-edition blocks of cheese made with Land Grant Red.

Röbller Vineyard plans to celebrate their special anniversary with events to be held April 17th and 18th 2021, as the winery’s official anniversary is April 27. To stay up-to-date on the anniversary events, make sure to follow the winery on social media and keep an eye on their website.

Stop by Röbller Vineyard during your next adventure in Missouri wine country, enjoy a glass of estate-produced vino and savor the rich history of this family-owned and family-grown winery.



Deep-Dish Fudgy Port Brownie Recipe

February 24, 2021

Deep-dish fudgy port brownie on plate with fork

Who doesn’t love to savor a bite of mouthwatering chocolate, especially when it’s accompanied by an award-winning Missouri wine? These fudgy, deep-dish style brownies are a delicious delight that can brighten up any day. Dark chocolate and rich Missouri Port-style wine makes this mouthwatering chocolate treat even more delectable. Indulge yourself with this easy and satisfying recipe that yields plenty to share (if you choose)!

Deep-Dish Fudgy Port Brownie Recipe

Time: 1 hour | Yield: 12 generous servings


2 sticks of butter                               1/2 tsp. sea salt                      

1 cup dark chocolate chips               1/2 tsp. baking powder

4 eggs                                                   1 cup all-purpose flour

1 3/4 cup granulated sugar            1/4 cup unsweet dark cocoa powder

1/3 cup Missouri Port-style wine      1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips





Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Grease and lightly flour a 10x15” baking dish or pan.


Place butter and dark chocolate chips in a double boiler over hot water. Stir mixture until butter and chocolate are completely melted and smooth. Remove mixture and allow to cool.   


In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs and sugar until well blended. Add port and cooled chocolate mixture.


Blend in flour, sea salt, baking soda and cocoa powder. Mix until batter is smooth and all ingredients are incorporated. Use a spatula to gently fold in semi-sweet chocolate chips.


Pour batter into prepared baking pan. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until an inserted knife comes out nearly clean.


After removing brownies from oven, place pan on a cooling rack. Let rest and ensure that brownies are cooled completely before using a knife to cut into slices.


Brix Urban Winery

Brix Urban Winery and Market, LLC is located in downtown Ste. Genevieve. They specialize in original small batch mead (honey wine) and fruit wines that are made and bottled on site. Visit Brix Urban Winery for an UN-traditional experience!

Winery hours are:
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


For #NationalMargaritaDay, Add Wine!

February 22, 2021

Mix up your Margarita recipe this year by adding award-winning Missouri wine. We’ve gathered some recipes that are sure to impress you and your guests.

Sunset Wine-a-Rita
*Recipe courtesy of Edg-Clif Farms & Vineyard
 What you will need:
 lime juice
 4 oz Sunset Rosé Wine
 1 oz Triple Sec
 2 oz margarita mix
 watermelon wedges

1. First, wet the rims of two margarita glasses in lime juice and then dip them in sugar to cover the top of the glasses.
2. Fill glasses with ice. (Be careful to avoid knocking sugar into glass)
3. Add wine, triple sec and margarita mix to a glass and stir.
4. Pour into glasses and finish with a watermelon wedge.



Frozen Red Wine Margarita

What you will need:
1 bottle of light and fruity red wine
8 oz tequila
12 oz margarita mix
2 oz lime juice
3 oz Triple Sec or Grand Marnier
1 pinch of kosher or flaky sea salt

1. Pour the entire bottle of red wine into an ice cube tray and let freeze for at least 6 hours.
2. In a blender, mix tequila, margarita mix, lime juice, red wine ice cubes and triple sec until slushy.
3. Pour, sip and enjoy!

Optional: Before pouring your Red Wine Margarita, wet the rim of your glass with a lime wedge and sprinkle rim with salt.  



Citrus Wine-a-Rita

What you will need:
1 bottle Vidal Blanc
12 oz can of limeade concentrate
2 cups orange juice
1/2 cup (or more) quality tequila
sea salt 
lime or orange slices (optional for garnish)

1. In a large pitcher, combine the wine, limeade, orange juice and tequila.
2. Fill the empty limeade can with water twice and pour into the pitcher.
3. Stir to combine all ingredients.
4. Wet the rim of each glass with a lime wedge and dip into sea salt to coat.
5. Pour Citrus Wine-a-Rita over ice.

Garnish with lime and/or orange slices and enjoy!


Sangrita Swirl

What you will need for the sangria swirl:
1 cup red frozen red wine (freeze in ice cube trays)
2 tbsp of triple sec
1 tbsp fresh lime juice  
juice from half of an orange

What you will need for the margarita:
6 oz. frozen limeade concentrate
2 shots of tequila
1 shot Triple Sec
1 cup ice
Straw (optional for swirling)

1. First, wet the rims of your two margarita glasses in lime juice and then dip them in either kosher salt or sugar to cover the rim of the glasses.
2. Blend the frozen red wine cubes with the triple sec, lime juice and orange juice. Pour into a glass and set aside (or store in freezer).
3. Add frozen limeade concentrate, tequila, triple sec and ice to the blender. Blend until slushy.
4. Pour the margarita mix into the two glasses and then pour the sangria mixture on top. Swirl together with a straw.

*Recipe makes two servings. Double and use the entire can of frozen limeade to make four.

In addition to our tried-and-trusted recipes above, here are a few other recipes you might enjoy.

Grab a crisp bottle of Vidal Blanc for this White Wine Margarita.

Chambourcin will surely rock this Red Wine Margarita recipe.

We hope you try one (or more) of these delicious Wine-a-Rita recipes and that you enjoy them as much as we did. Please share your favorite concoction on social media by using #MOwine.

The Ultimate Guide for an At-Home Wine Night

February 18, 2021

While visiting Missouri’s 125+ wineries is an awesome adventure in itself, there’s no place quite like home. Why let your enjoyment of Missouri’s award-winning wines end when you depart from wine country? Host your own wine night, right in the comfort of your own home!

Follow our top tips for creating your own at-home wine night, where you can explore Missouri’s unique varietals or savor your favorite Show-Me State wines.


Just like any gathering or activity, preparation is key! Planning your at-home wine night a bit in advance can ensure that you maximize the enjoyment of the evening. Want to recreate a wine tasting in your own home? Or, would you rather pair a few of your favorite varietals? Regardless, purchasing the right wine selection is critical to make your wine night a success!

For those who are interested in a tasting night, purchase a few different Missouri varietals so your palate can delight in the range and variety of Missouri’s wines. Depending on your taste preferences or adventuresome spirit, you may want to select options that vary in dryness and include both red and white wines. Take a look at our varietal page to learn more about each individual varietal, and find a wine retailer near you using our interactive map!

But what would a wine night be without perfectly paired food? After you settle on your award-winning wine selection, it’s time to decide on a menu for your evening of enjoyment!


The pairing possibilities are nearly endless with Missouri wines, which brings incredible flexibility to your at-home wine night. We’ve got the resources you need to select the right menu based on your wine choices and preferences for this at-home evening.

If your wine night includes cooking a homemade meal, take advantage of the recipes listed on our blog for inspiration. From burgers and pasta, to sweet treats like a fruity trifle, our wine-centric recipes are perfect for experiencing Missouri wines in a new way! Not interested in preparing an entire meal for your at-home wine night? You may want to have a spread of easily-enjoyed food offerings, such as cheeses (perhaps a charcuterie board) or junk food. These simple and low-stress food choices pair well with Missouri wines and a relaxing evening.

Want to focus your wine night on the wine, rather than cooking or preparing food? This is the perfect time to support a local restaurant and order a meal to complement your wine selection. Our infographic gallery has pairing ideas for pizza, takeout and more!


Once your wine has been purchased and your food pairings have been selected, it’s time to think about the proper serving of your award-winning wine. Take a look at our quick infographics on chilling wine and using the proper glassware:


Want tips on how to use the 5 S method for tasting wine? Check out our infographic resource that will walk you through the process!

Activities – if you choose!

Although tasting and enjoying Missouri wine can be an activity within itself, adding crafts or games to your at-home wine night can make this occasion even more special!

Use upcycled Missouri wine bottles and corks, along with findings from your craft drawer, to create your own DIY masterpieces. We have craft ideas on our blog (including this wine cork tray) to get you started! Are games more your speed? You’re in luck – Missouri wine is the perfect match for your favorite card or board game!

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your at-home wine night, make sure you include award-winning Missouri wine!


Drink Wine Day 2021

February 17, 2021

Drink Wine Day - February 18, 2021

In celebration of #DrinkWineDay, why not host an impromptu wine tasting?

At-home wine tastings don’t have to be over the top. Choose a theme, gather the wine and select some yummy food items from the kitchen. We lay it all out here


Need more inspiration? Check out some of our food and wine pairing infographics.

We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate this day with a tasting and hope you find a new Missouri wine and food pairing you love.

Open That Bottle Night

We also invite you to grab that bottle of Missouri wine you've been saving for a special occasion and savor it for Open That Bottle Night on Saturday, February 27. Tag us in your photos on social media, we would love to see which wine you celebrate with.

You can also use hashtags #OpenThatBottleNight and #MOWines.





Missouri Classics Unite – Imo’s Pizza and Missouri Wine Pairing

February 11, 2021

What pairs better with a Missouri classic than another Missouri icon? Missouri wine and Imo’s Pizza – two Show-Me State products made for savoring. We paired award-winning Missouri wines with the most popular selections from Imo’s.  We know you’ll be saving this guide to reference the next time you place an order.

From rich Creamy Garlic Garden and Chardonel to BBQ Chicken and Concord, there’s a Missouri wine that pairs perfectly with a hearty slice of Imo’s Pizza. Check out our pairing guide and get inspired!

"Picture" Yourself with Missouri Wines in This DIY Cork Frame

February 11, 2021

What better way to commemorate your memories in Missouri wine country than through this easy DIY picture frame? Round up your Missouri wine corks, plug in the hot glue gun and let’s get crafty!

This easily customizable wine-themed picture frame is the perfect gift for a fellow Missouri wine lover, or a gift for yourself. For under $20, you can make this frame in just four easy steps!

Supplies needed:

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Picture frame

Wine corks

Embellishments (we used holiday-themed decorations for this DIY, but you can choose decorations that fit your style or theme)

Step 1: Select your picture frame and your corks for this project. We used a 4x6” picture frame, but feel free to select a larger picture frame based on your needs. Remove the glass and back of the frame for safety.

Step 2: Pro tip- It may be helpful to pre-arrange your corks on the picture frame before gluing them.

Once you’ve decided how you want to place your corks on your frame, use the hot glue gun to secure the corks to the front of the picture frame. Based on the size of our picture frame and the cork placement pattern we selected, we used about 25 corks.

Hint – if you need a half cork like we did, use a craft knife to cut in half lengthwise.


Step 3: After the corks have been glued and dried, it’s time to get creative and decorate! Use hot glue to secure decorative pieces of your choice between the corks. We used hearts, rosebuds and metal embellishments found at a local craft store – we also suggest using decorative filler, buttons or any other embellishments that fit your style or theme. This craft is incredibly customizable!


Step 4: Reinsert the frame glass, along with your favorite photo and the frame backing, and display your new creation!

Vino on Valentine’s Day: Wine Country Events

February 09, 2021

Call up your Valentine, Galentine, best friend or family member and take them to one (or more) of the many Missouri wineries offering special Valentine’s Day celebrations!

Chaumette Winery

Escape to wine country and enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Chaumette will be serving up some delicious foods all weekend long.

Chandler Hill Vineyards

Chandler Hill Vineyards is presenting a romantic dinner on February 13 at 7:00 p.m. that will include a pairing of wine and chocolate. This year’s event is unique in that renowned chocolatier Tracey Racen will be in attendance. Each glorious course will feature an innovative chocolate-integrated dish, a paired chocolate morsel and a sommelier-selected wine pairing! The cost is $75 per person, $65 if you are a wine club member. Visit their event page for more information or call 636.798.CORK (2675) to make your reservations.

Defiance Ridge Vineyards

Inspired by their desire to nurture people through food and wine, each month Defiance Ridge Vineyards be hosting an intimate multi-course dinner in their modern farmhouse tasting room or pavilion. This month’s occasion will focus on Valentine’s Day with a Mardi Gras Cajun twist.

Get more information and buy tickets here for the February 14 event.

Edg-Clif Winery

Bring a guest and enjoy a tour and tasting at the winery. Each person will get valentines treats, flowers and a signature wine glass to take home. Call 573-438-4741 for reservations, times are 11:30 a.m., 1:00 and 2:30 p.m. Cost is $10 per person. Masks are required and there will be limited seating at socially distanced tables.

Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery

Enjoy a tour of the property, the vineyards and the winery with your significant other this Valentine’s Day! Tour will be followed by a candlelit tasting in the CELLAR57 club room and the wine caves. Keep the tasting glass and enjoy 10% off the wines purchased on the tour for just $35 per person. Reservations required.

Hemman Winery

The enclosed outdoor seating space is opening back up! Sit back, relax, listen to live music by The Trio and enjoy being outdoors - while staying warm, of course.

Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate and wine! For just $15 (no cost for 2-Bottle Creek Club members) you can pair five Jowler Creek wines with pieces of exquisite milk chocolate truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and other decadent chocolate desserts designed to pair perfectly. This cost includes a complimentary wine glass to take home as a souvenir.

This event takes place February 12, 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21. Chocolate and wine tasting tickets are redeemable during business hours on the date selected at purchase.

Live music will be playing on February 12, 13, 19 and 20 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and February 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

KC Wineworks

In lieu of an event due to county restrictions, KC Wineworks is offering a limited-edition wine + chocolate package featuring Christopher Elbow's Valentines's Day heart shaped chocolates and their soon-to-be-released Pet Nat. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more information.

Montelle Winery

Treat your valentine to a four-course artisan dinner perfectly paired with award-winning wines. This dinner will take place on February 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Parliament Room and reservations are required. Call 636-228-4464 to reserve your spot today. The cost is $75 per person.

Valentine's Day BoxesNoboleis Vineyards

Head over to Noboleis Vineyard’s online store or stop by the tasting room and choose between a Dry Box or Semi-Sweet/Sweet Box. Each Valentine's Day box includes three wines paired with a three-course meal for a delicious and romantic evening. The menus will include ingredient lists and directions along with which wine should be paired with each course. Perfect for an at-home Valentine’s Day date!

Stone Hill Winery

Take your date to Stone Hill Winery’s Vintage 1847 Restaurant to enjoy Valentine’s Day specials for lunch and dinner on Saturday, February 13.

Weston Wine Company

Indulge in the perfect pairing of three wines with Valentine-themed miniature desserts. This limited-edition wine flight is only available Valentine’s weekend, so don’t miss out! Flights may be redeemed anytime during business hours on the date selected.

We hope you find yourself celebrating Valentine’s Day in Missouri wine country with your special someone this month.

Stay a While in Wine Country

February 04, 2021

Missouri wine country offers more than 125 wineries across the state for you to explore. While you’re exploring new wineries and frequenting your favorites, why not stay a while? Here is a list of wineries that offering lodging options, some with a view and some with historic flair.

Adam Puchta Winery

APW offers a guesthaus and a cabin for guests to stay in when they’re in need of a relaxing getaway. The guesthaus is an amazing piece of Puchta history as it was built in the early 1840s by the father of the winery founder.



Albonée Country Inn and Vineyards LLC

Overlook the Little Blue Valley while staying in a warm cottage when you lodge at Albonée Country Inn and Winery. Just minutes away from Kansas City’s top destinations, there are plenty of things to see and do after enjoying a hearty breakfast prepared by innkeepers Bonnie and All Renner.


Arcadian Moon Winery & Brewery

If you want to wake up and enjoy your coffee on a private balcony overlooking the lake, then the Lakeside Suite at Arcadian Moon is for you!

Bear Creek Wine Company

Suites and cabins galore! Whether you’re looking for a little peace and quiet or planning an awesome event, Bear Creek has accommodations for you.


Belvoir Winery

The Inn at Belvoir Winery is described as luxury with a historic flair. Book a room at this unique location here. You might even leave with a frightening tale.

Charleville Vineyard Winery & Microbrewery

Take in the beauty of Ste. Genevieve County’s highest hillsides when you stay at this log cabin. Experience the wilderness while sleeping on handmade cedar log beds.




Chaumette Vineyards & Winery

Big or small, the Villages at Chaumette has it all. There are studio suites to entire homes available for rent, some of which even allow dogs.


Edg-Clif Farms & Vineyard

Five-star cottages in the heart of the Ozarks make for a perfect escape to the country for the weekend. Each cottage accommodates six people and features full baths, laundry room and a kitchen.



Hermannhof Winery

The Inn at Hermannhof offers luxury suites, historic Weinhaus cottage suites and house rentals. It is described as combining old world charm with modern luxury.


Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery

Jowler Creek’s vineyard home is available to book on Airbnb and sleeps six guests. Sit back and relax on the beautiful front porch while overlooking the vineyard.

Mallinson Vineyard and Hall

Bring a group of up to 13 people and stay at the newly remodeled Ravishing House overlooking acres of woods and a stunning vineyard.

McKelvey Vineyards

Stay the night, or the whole weekend at McKelvey Vineyards’ old farmhouse, Steeple View Manor. Modern updates, an expansive patio, wood burning pizza oven and a fireplace are just a few things that make this house a home away from home.

Shawnee Bluff Winery

Lodge at the winery, the Edgewater Estate or the penthouse condo while you’re visiting the Lake of the Ozark area.

Vance Vineyards & Winery

The Vance House features three bedrooms and two baths with complete privacy. You can book your peaceful stay through Airbnb.

White Mule Winery

Feel at home while enjoying the history of this 100+ year old farm house that sits just behind the winery. The bed and breakfast has been fully refurnished and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages to make good use of the kitchen!

We hope this list helps you plan your next wine country excursion. Use this interactive map to locate the wineries along your route.


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