Estate Bottled

(adj.) A wine made from grapes entirely produced from vineyards owned or controlled by the winery. Both winery and vineyard must be located within the boundaries of the labeled viticultural area. All steps of the winemaking process must be done on premise.


(adj.) Describes a wine that doesn’t contain significant grape sugar; the opposite of sweet (Note: A wine can be dry and still taste fruity.)


(v.) Holding wine in barrels, tubs or bottles under certain conditions after fermentation to develop complex flavors.

Chardonel Recipe Roundup

April 19, 2022

Chardonel can be enjoyed many ways! Pour a glass and sip this classic hybrid to enjoy the smooth and buttery mouthfeel, accompanied by citrus notes that liven your senses. Chardonel can also be incorporated into a number of recipes – whether it is in a cocktail, a sauce or in baked goods, this varietal has a lot of versatility. Get creative with Chardonel this month and celebrate with one of the recipes below:

Try one of these cocktails to level-up your experience with Chardonel. You will be surprised the flavor and notes it brings to mixology.

In need of an appetizer to entertain? Try serving this Chardonel Fondue to your guests. Even share Chardonel by the glass to compliment this creative starter.

The sauce is where it is at with these main courses. From pork chops to pasta, Chardonel’s flavor brings extra life to these delicious dishes.

Finish off your evening with something sweet. Whip up this blondies recipe with Chardonel for added moisture and flavor.

We challenge you to try cooking with Chardonel this month! Share your finished results with us by tagging @missouriwine and #missouriwine. If you have a recipe featuring Chardonel you’d like to share, send it to

Pairing Easter candy with Missouri wines

April 14, 2022

Indulge in your favorite things this spring and pair these popular Easter candies with a glass of Missouri wine. Sip, bite, sip your way through this list and let us know which pairing is your favorite on social at @missouriwines and tag us with #MissouriWine.

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