Holiday Entertaining Tips with Missouri Wines

December 13, 2016

Holiday Entertaining with MO Wine The holidays can be hectic and stressful, especially as you plan your seasonal gatherings. Let us help. The holidays are happier with Missouri wines! We’ve got tips, recipes, and pairing ideas to take away some of the stress and make your holidays merry and bright.


What are the three main questions that come up when planning to serve wine at a get-together?

  1. What do I buy?
  2. How much do I buy?
  3. How should I serve it?

What to buy can be tricky if you don’t know the tastes of everyone coming to the soiree. Consider this as a basic list: a dry red, a dry white, an off-dry (red, white or rosé), and a sweet (red, white or rosé). For example, purchasing a Norton, Vidal Blanc, Vignoles, and a Concord or Pink Catawba will ensure you please just about any palette and have something that pairs well with most dishes.

How much to purchase ends up taking just a bit of simple math. A serving of wine is about 5 ounces, and you’ll get 5 glasses from a standard size bottle of wine. Factor in the number of guests and how long the event will be. You’ll need slightly less if you’re serving other beverages as well.

When it comes to serving wine, temperature is pretty important. The 3, 2, 1 rule is a good way to remember how long wines need to chill in a refrigerator: 3 hours for sparkling, 2 for white, and 1 for red wines. Have wine charms or glass-writing pens on hand so guests can identify their glasses.


Winter White Sangria is a fun and festive recipe that looks beautiful and can be made ahead of time.

Mulled wine will make your house smell divine and is delicious, warm and comforting.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate is unique and completely decadent. This could be considered a beverage or a dessert at your holiday shindig.

If you’re a fan of Missouri fruit wine, make insta-wine-tails by pouring fruit wine over ice and topping it off with a splash of club soda. You can get extra fancy by freezing fruit in your ice cubes ahead of time. (Cranberry is particularly festive!)


Finding the perfect wines to match your holiday menu is easier than you think with our interactive Food and Wine Pairing Guide. We’ve also put together a cookie and wine pairing cheat sheet that makes those holiday cookie exchanges even more fun!

Invite Missouri wine to your holiday celebrations this year!

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