• Intensity
    • Mild
      • Poached seafood or chicken
        • MO Chardonel or MO Seyval Blanc
    • Medium
      • Grilled seafood or chicken
        • MO Chambourcin or MO Vignoles
    • Intense
      • Rich (Steak, Bacon)
        • MO Chambourcin or MO Norton
      • Spicy (Peppers)
        • MO Vignoles or MO Catawba
      • Bitter (Eggplant, Walnuts)
        • MO Norton or MO Chambourcin
  • Richness
    • Lean (Salad)
      • MO Chardonel or Seyval Blanc
    • Rich (Soup)
      • MO Chambourcin or MO Cabernet Franc
    • Fatty (Steak)
      • MO Chambourcin or MO Norton
  • Taste
    • Sweet
      • Lightly Sweet
        • MO Vidal Blanc orMO Valvin Muscat
      • Sweet
        • MO Late Harvest Vidal Blanc or MO Late Harvest Vignoles
      • Sticky Sweet
        • MO Port or MO Ice Wine
    • Sour
      • A little tart
        • MO Seyval Blanc or MO Vidal Blanc
      • Puckery
        • MO Chambourcin or MO Norton
    • Salt
      • MO Chambourcin or MO Norton
    • Bitter
      • Astringent
        • MO Norton or MO Cabernet Franc
      • Bitter (Eggplant, Walnuts)
        • MO Norton orMO Cabernet Franc
    • Brothy (Umami)
      • MO Chambourcin or MO Norton

What is your flavour preference ?

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