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Wild Game and Missouri Wine

November 18, 2015

Hunting is very popular in Missouri; more than 575,000 people hunt every year in the “Show Me” State. If you, your friends or family are part of that impressive number, than you know how delicious wild game can be. What’s better than the hearty, local meats you bring home? Pairing them perfectly with locally crafted, award-winning wines!

Most game meats have a rich, distinct and wild flavor. These flavors pair incredibly well with two Missouri red wine varietals in particular. Norton, the official state grape of Missouri, is often touted to have gamey notes that complement wild game very well. Chambourcin is regularly described as earthy, and what pairs better with rich, wild meat than a wine embodying earthiness in which the meat lived? Remember, what grows together goes together!

Wild game such as venison, duck, goose and turkey could all be paired with a delicious Missouri Norton or Chambourcin for a delicious meal. However, the way the meats are prepared does affect which wines they match. Try these recipes with your favorite wild game this season alongside a perfectly paired local wine.



  • This recipe for Sassafras-Marinated Mallard Satay will not disappoint with a glass of local Chambourcin red wine.
  • Duck Gumbo is a delicious way to enjoy the richness of wild duck, especially when you add a glass of Norton.


  • A simple roasted goose when prepared correctly is a real treat, but it only gets better when paired with a glass of Missouri dry rosé wine.
  • This recipe for Wild Goose Breasts with Orange Glaze is slightly sweet, tangy and overall delightful when paired with a glass of rich Missouri Traminette.


  • If you try this Roasted Wild Turkey recipe you may never go back to store-bought. Pair it with a glass of Missouri Chardonel.
  • This Wild Turkey Tortilla Soup may not be traditional, but it sure is tasty! A Missouri Vignoles would be a nice match for this somewhat spicy soup.

Whatever wild game you bring home this year, there’s a locally crafted, Missouri wine that will pair perfectly!

Wine Barrels: A Long History and a Bright Future

November 16, 2015

Barrels are probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think about wine. They have become an archetypal symbol of wine over the years, but their use started accidentally. For thousands of years, wine was transported in clay amphora. These vessels worked fine when transporting wine for the most part. They could be airtight if sealed properly and the materials needed to make them were readily available.

As the Roman Empire expanded further into Europe, however, the Romans came in contact with the Gauls who were using wooden barrels to transport beer. They quickly came to the realization that these wooden barrels were a far more efficient way to transport wine. Oak was abundant in continental Europe and was idea for making barrels. It was softer and easier to bend than many other types of wood which made shaping it into barrels a surmountable and relatively speedy task. It also offered a tight grain, creating a waterproof storage option. The round shape allowed them to be rolled, making transport even easier.

As the popularity of barrels as a wine transportation medium grew, it became apparent that the barrels were affecting the way the wine tasted… in a good way. New and different aromas and flavors were found in the wines transported in oak barrels, and these characteristics were found to intensify the longer the wine was in the barrel, thus creating the practice of aging wine in oak barrels.

Oak is still the preferred wood for crafting wine barrels. Building wine barrels is a fascinating craft and can substantially affect the wines they house. The primary components of wine barrels are staves, small pieces of oak cut into a very specific shape, and metal hoops used to join the staves together. Traditionally, the staves are seasoned prior to being made into barrels. They are then heated to soften the wood and make it pliable. The heating process chars the inside of the barrel, and this level of char (also known as toast) is important to how the barrel will interact with the wine aged in it.

The oak used for barrel making can come from different areas, the most common of which being French or American. A large percentage of American oak barrels are made from Missouri oak. The Show-Me state has a long history of barrel-making and is home to the leading barrel manufacturer, Independent Stave Company, and several artisan cooperages such as A&K Cooperage, McGinnis Wood Products, Bratcher Cooperage, and Hoffmeister Barrelworks. A barrel maker is called a cooper and a barrel making facility is called a cooperage.

Tune into our next blog post where we’ll shed light on exactly how barrels affect the wine aged in them and how Missouri winemakers are using barrels to craft delicious, award-winning wines.

Food Friendly Chambourcin

November 12, 2015

November is Chambourcin Month. It’s a delicious, versatile varietal that is great this time of year. Chambourcin is very food friendly. Use this guide to find which of your favorite foods pair well with Chambourcin.

The Perfect Last Minute Gift: Missouri Wine

November 11, 2015

Did the holidays sneak up on you? Don’t worry. We know the perfect, fast and easy solution… a case of Missouri wine. That’s right; you can take care of 12 people all at one time. How simple was that?

Gifting locally-made, award-winning wine is more than just giving a gift. It’s telling a story, offering a sense of place, and sharing your interests and passion. That’s right. You just became the MVP of the holiday season.

There are more than 125 wineries in the state. That means, there is most certainly at least one within a quick drive of wherever in Missouri you call home. Heading out to a winery to check off your shopping list sounds like a lot more fun than combating the crowds at a packed shopping mall. Visit your nearest or dearest local winery, and put your holiday shopping woes behind you. It’s time to enjoy the season, not stress it.

This year, don’t stress your holiday shopping. Shop local. Sip local. Gift local!

There are so many fun and thoughtful ways to wrap wine as a gift. Use a festive or customized tea towel or a pair of funky, cute socks to wrap a special bottle of wine. Talk about a conversation piece! 

Missouri wine pairs well with checking off your holiday shopping list!

Candy and Wine Pairing: It’s Not a Trick!

6 Easy, Useful Ways to Recycle Wine Corks

November 10, 2015

Normal Cork Spools: Great for twine and embroidery floss

Wine Cork and Wire Napkin Rings: Just in time for holiday entertaining

Napkin Rings | 6 Easy, Useful Ways to Recycle Wine Corks from Missouri Wines 

Wine Cork Monogram Earrings: An easy, unique accessory that makes a great gift

Wine Cork Chip Clip: So simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before

Wine Cork Photo Holder: An adorable and compact way to display your favorite photos

Put those wine corks you’ve had lying around for a rainy-day craft to good use with these DIY ideas. Get a jump start on your holiday gift making and join in the fun on America Recycles Day!

Seafood and Wine Pairings

Stock Up for the Season: Everything you’ll need for holiday entertaining

November 04, 2015

The holiday season is full of fun events both attended and hosted. While it’s a great time of family, friends and revelry, it can be busy, even exhausting at times. Make this very social season a little easier on yourself by stocking up ahead of time.

Missouri wine is the answer to all of these holiday entertaining questions:

  1. What do I bring to so-and-so’s house as a host/hostess gift?
  2. How do I take care of beverages for a crowd, easily and quickly?
  3. What do I have on hand to please everyone’s palate?
  4. How do I make my holiday soiree stand out?

1) Missouri wine makes the perfect host or hostess gift because not only are you showing your appreciation, but you’re also showing them you put thought and effort into their gift. It’s locally made and unique. Wrap the bottle of Missouri wine in a dish towel tied with a fun, seasonal ribbon to make your gift even more memorable.


2) Big-batch winetails like seasonal sangria or mulled wine are the perfect make-ahead beverages for serving a crowd. Plus, the presentation of sangria is beautiful and the aroma of mulled wine is fantastic. It’s a win, win!


3) There are countless Missouri wines and wines in general to choose from. So, how do you know what to have on hand to please everyone’s palate? First of all, it’s quite difficult to please everyone, but you can get pretty close by covering these four bases- a dry red, dry white, semi-dry white, and a sweet red or blush. A couple of options for a good mix:

  • Chambourcin, Chardonel, Vignoles, Concord
  • Norton, Vidal Blanc, Traminette, Catawba

4) Missouri winemakers like to have fun, just like you do. They make all sorts of fun seasonal wines that will be a hit at your next holiday gathering. Whether it’s cranberry, pumpkin, gingerbread, or chai spice, seasonal Missouri wines are a delicious conversation piece!

Do your future, slightly-overwhelmed self a favor; head out to Missouri wine country and stock up for all your holiday entertaining!

Glamorous Camping, AKA Glamping

October 23, 2015

If the idea of soaking in the serenity of the great outdoors appeals to you, but the idea of sleeping on the ground and “living off the land” doesn’t, glamping is for you! Yes, glamping… as in glamorous camping. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend or a girls’ getaway, glamping offers all the creature comforts without so many actual creatures. 

The concept of glamping can be traced back to the popularity of safari expeditions in the mid-1800’s, but it’s emergence as a trend in America and Europe is fairly recent. Redefining the idea of roughing it, glamping makes enjoying nature much more accessible. A real (or close to it) bed and gourmet-on-the-go food are some of the amenities common on a glamping trip. And what classes up an outing more than a glass of your favorite Missouri vino around the campfire.   

For a pre-made glamping experience, check out these options right here in Missouri: 

Tree Houses and Cabins at The Cottage in Hermann (Wineries nearby: 8) 

Cozy Caboose and Deluxe Log Cabins along Historic Route 66 near Eureka (Wineries nearby: 10)

The Outpost Cabins and Yurts at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park (Wineries nearby: 5)

Camper Cabins at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park (Be sure to bring your favorite wines with you!)

Hand-Hewn Log Cabins in Silver Dollar City’s Wilderness (Wineries nearby: 3) 

Premier Glamping, Cowboy Style at Redbeard’s Ranch (Be sure to bring your favorite wines with you!)

*Check each location’s policies regarding alcohol and glass containers (Missouri wine in glass alternative packaging). 

You don’t have to stick with the pre-made glamping adventures. Blaze a new trail! You can set up your own glampsite anywhere camping is allowed. Just remember, it’s all about enjoying the outdoors without giving up all the comfort and convenience of home. The primary components of any glampsite are: 

A spacious tent, teepee, or trailer 

Comfortable sleeping arrangements (air mattress, memory foam, etc.) 

Delicious food and beverages (Don’t forget the Missouri wine!) 

Insect repellent 

Loved ones (It’s a lot more fun to glamp with people you can enjoy it with!) 

Check out these great camping hacks to help you plan your perfect glamping trip. You can also take a look at InspiredCamping.com for ideas and tips on being a great glamper. Still need inspiration, here are 31 photos of stunning glampsites to get your creative juices flowing. 

Missouri Wine pairs well with glamping! 

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