“Soak and sip” pairings and tips

March 03, 2022

Cold temperatures and busy schedules create the perfect storm for aches and stress. Unwind and relax in a hot bath with your favorite Missouri wines. Here are our suggestions on what to sip while you soak to maximize this self-care practice.

Epsom Salt & Sparkling

Whether it is a general Epsom salt or a scent you enjoy, such as lavender, it is the perfect starting place. Baths aren’t for everyone, but this one is great for many reasons. Epsom salts soothe aches and pains, relieving muscles and tension from winter or everyday life. Both your skin and mind will be softened by the magnesium and calming lavender scent. The addition of your favorite sparkling will make you feel like you’re at a spa day! Both a crisp brut or a floral demi sec will pair well with the notes of lavender. Now you’re set for a great night’s sleep!

Red wine bath & Chambourcin

Add a little of your red wine to your soak – we’re not kidding! Adding a glass to your bath can reduce inflammation and redness in your skin, helping slow the aging process. Can this be better than happy hour? Enjoy a Chambourcin to relax to your fullest!

Oatmeal bath & Fruit wine

Use a store-bought powdered oatmeal bath or take a scoop from your oats at home to create this soothing soak. Use a food processor to finely grind your oats or insert a cup of oatmeal into a pantyhose stocking and let your shower faucet drain over, reducing the mess. Dry, irritated, itchy skin is quickly soothed. This pro-tip is great for treating eczema, bug bites, poison ivy, sunburns and more. The delicious smell of warm oatmeal helps your mind retreat and pairs well with fruit wines. This makes bath time more exciting than breakfast time.

Baking soda & Traminette

Cheers to health! Reduce germs, fungus and reduce perspiration by adding anywhere from 1-2 cups of baking soda to your bath. Make sure it all dissolves before enjoying. Also known as a bicarb bath, this inexpensive and accessible soak also helps boost circulation and mitigate issues with eczema and psoriasis. Boost your immune system and your bath time by enjoying a chilled and refreshing glass of Traminette. The delightful floral and citrus notes will take you to a refreshing oasis.

Oils & Chardonel

Adding bath oil or essential oils to your soak will quickly take your bathing experience to the next level. Aromatherapy from scents like sandalwood, chamomile and eucalyptus allow you to calm and ease away from your work day. Pair this with a glass of crisp and clean Chardonel to upgrade your relaxation and allow you to savor your solo time. Other oils you can utilize are olive oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil, which doesn’t clog your pores. Whichever you choose, this pairing will keep your skin and mind refreshed.

Rosemary & Vidal Blanc

This pairing is sure to boost your mood. Add a few sprigs to your bath to ease stress and increase circulation. Magnify your bathing return on investment with breathing exercises that improve lung health, focus and mental clarity.  Vidal Blanc’s crisp freshness parallels the sensations captured in this rosemary soak.

Rose water or rose petals & Catawba

Fresh flower petals add a beautiful aesthetic and smell to your bath. These gentle scents kindly complement the sweet, floral and woodsy notes experienced from a chilled glass of Catawba. Rose water and rose petals are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This sweet soak is heaven sent, just like your alone time.

Sage & Sangria

Here’s a pairing for the unique soul! The bright, cleansing aroma of sage will help declutter your mind. This mental opening allows you to enjoy the cool, refreshing spices and flavors of your favorite Sangria. Complex ingredients can be thoroughly enjoyed from the release of any heaviness or bad energy.

Milk and Honey & Concord

Rumor has it that Cleopatra bathed in milk to retain her youthful appearance. Lactic acid gently exfoliates your skin while soaking in this bath. Add honey to retain moisture and smoothness in your skin, as well as give it an anti-aging and antibacterial boost. This honeyed mixture can match the sweetness of Concord. Make this soak fit for a queen by enjoying a chilled glass of this fruity favorite!

Lemon (or citrus) & Seyval

Add slices of lemons, grapefruits, oranges or other citrus to highlight your chilled and crisp glass of Seyval Blanc. This stress-zapping favorite is an easy way to elevate your mood and energy levels. Make note of this perfect pairing parallel – the bath’s aromas expand and invigorate your senses, allowing the bright, crisp and citrus notes of Seyval Blanc to be fully enjoyed.

Tea bath & Tawny Port

Tone your skin by adding a few bags of tea to your hot bath. Perhaps an after-dinner soak is required? Skip dessert and substitute this dessert wine for a sweet pairing. While this bath lacks complexity, the intense flavor of this wine makes up in stride. Familiar dessert notes of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit or nuts can be the perfect night-cap to a long day. 

Vanilla bubble bath (or bath bomb) & Norton

A pairing of two classics is hard to resist. Classic Missouri Norton never disappoints and neither does a vanilla aroma. This familiar smell is soothing but doesn’t overwhelm the bold Norton, allowing relaxation to hit its prime. This big, bold dry red brings spice to every sip and is great for dissolving into your heated bathing haven.

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The Nose Knows

March 01, 2022

When tasting wine, the tongue ironically tells us a small amount about the pour in our glass. The aromas offered up in each sip unearth a world of sensations while our taste buds only differentiate between salty, sweet, umami, bitter and sour. There are countless aromas that may breathe from your glass, but here’s a start to help you evaluate your favorite Missouri wines.

Learn about the helpful steps in thoroughly tasting wine with the 5 S’s.

DI-Wine Vinaigrette

February 24, 2022

With just a tablespoon of your favorite red wine, you can put your own spin on a vinaigrette to top a dinner salad. This quick and simple vinaigrette can be customized several ways, so feel free to personalize to your likings.

Serving Size: 4 servings


3 Tbsp white vinegar
1 Tbsp red wine (we used a Chambourcin)
½ c olive oil
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp dried oregano
Salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste



1.Combine white vinegar with your favorite red wine.

2.Whisk together olive oil, the red wine vinegar mixture, Dijon mustard and oregano.

3.Season to taste with salt and pepper.

4.Store covered in the refrigerator. It will be good for four days.

We love this tangy topping drizzled over a salad sprinkled with cranberries and nuts.  Consider enhancing the mixture by adding honey, lemon juice, garlic or even red pepper flakes for some extra zip. Share your salad concoction with us using #MoWine!

Missouri Wines that Give Back

February 22, 2022

Missouri wineries are proud of the communities they come from and the family they share. Many of these wineries look for the chance to give back to causes that hit close to home. These wines can be purchased knowing that a portion of the proceeds benefit a cause that these generous wineries strongly support. Please note that these wines were gathered based on a recent survey and this is not an exhaustive list of all wineries that give back.



Joli Vin by Baltimore Bend

This blush blend of Vignoles, Chardonel and Chambourcin holds the French name of ‘beautiful wine’ and represents a beautiful cause. During the month of October, Joli Vin is on special with a portion of all sales given to the Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. Seek this wine during Breast Cancer month and find assurance in supporting this shared cause and the lives it can touch.


Renegade by Mallinson Vineyard & Hall

Dedicated to the Wayne City Landing and Port, this sweet wine benefits a piece of American history. This spot on the map near Independence served as a supply port for early pioneers traveling west. Mallinson’s main winery building is the oldest school house in Jackson County which is known as the Gilpin School. This property is located along the historic Lewis and Clark, Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails with two National Park markers nearby. Renegade benefits this preservation of history near the winery the Mallinson family calls home.

Ozark Hellbender by Stone Hill Winery

The Ozark Hellbender is a unique aquatic salamander native to Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas Ozarks. This endangered species serves tell-tale signs of healthy streams and remains vital to healthy river ecosystems. When you purchase this red blend, A percentage of the proceeds is donated to the breeding and conservation efforts at the St. Louis Zoo’s Ron Goellner Center for Hellbender Conservation.



Catawba by Ladoga Ridge Winery

With the sweet pink color of this wine, it is only fitting that a portion of the proceeds from Ladoga Ridge Winery’s Catawba is donated to various breast cancer awareness programs. As resources allow, patrons will once again be able to make purchases of this wine during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October of 2022.


Foxy Lady and Old Glory by Top Hat Winery

With every purchase of this Missouri pink Catawba, Foxy Lady, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle goes to help fight breast cancer in the Independence area. Old Glory benefits homeless veterans in the Independence area. Donate to this important cause with each purchase of this Missouri Niagara semi-sweet wine.

Sweet Corky by Wenwood Farm Winery

This silky and sweet white ice-wine is named in honor of winery owners’ late winery dog, Corky. The label holds sentimental value representing the rainbow bridge of ‘dog heaven’ shown through the face of their sweet Corky. With the purchase of every bottle, a portion is donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue in Columbia.

National Drink Wine Day 2022

February 17, 2022

Wine has been an essential part of civilization since its origin around 6000 BC. Thousands of years of vintners’ efforts have led to the high-quality products created worldwide in our industry today. Let’s take today to celebrate this cultural staple with style! Here’s some unique and fun ideas you might enjoy:

1. Explore a new winery – make your plans to visit a winery you have never been to before! Maybe even make it a staycation! You can plan your trip with a little help here. You can always visit a local winery too. Find one near you. 

2. Open your favorite varietal at home – we know you have been sitting on that fancy bottle in your cellar. Pop it open and allow yourself to enjoy what you have been saving. What a perfect occasion – you can’t take it with you when you go! (We imagine heaven has all the best wines)

3. Learn something new - Expand your “wine mind” by learning some new terminology or learn what it takes to create award winning wines. 

4. Gift a bottle – Share one of your favorite wines with a friend. You could even plan a girl’s night with a white wine elephant exchange to make the trades interesting. Open and enjoy your bottle with friends afterward. Tips on wrapping here. 

5. Sharpen your skills – Put your senses to the test. Progress your wine tasting skills by utilizing the 5’s and practicing the best way to observe and enjoy wine. You can also learn best practices on handling wine at an event. Here’s a great refresh for your wine etiquette. 

6. Try a new wine – while you are grocery shopping, pick out a bottle of Missouri wine you have never tried before. Best way to know more about what you like is to try new things! You might just be surprised at what these varietals have to offer. Try celebrating this national holiday with a sparkling. Pick one with our guide. 

7. Pick a pairing to try – Missouri wine varietals have a vast number of pairings! Check out which wine you want to pair with and create an experience that allows you to taste Missouri wine in a new way.

8. Cook with wine – whether it is from a newly opened bottle or one you enjoyed earlier this week, you can utilize Missouri wines beyond the sip. Try baking with wine or create a new dish that adds a new culinary element to your repertoire.

9. Enjoy and relax – However you best enjoy your wine, do that! Sip some while in a hot bath, share with a friend while binging the latest episode of your favorite show or have a wine night with your friends to balance your stressful schedule with some fun.

10. Take the time to recycle – get creative with your leftover corks and bottles and reuse them that empowers you and your environment. Take the time to finally create that cork craft you have been putting off. Try using a bottle to prop in your plant soil for gradual watering or buy some flowers and divide the bouquet into bottles to spruce up your living space.

11. Wine cocktails – not a fan of wine? Wine can still make some awesome cocktails. Get inspired by this Sangria recipe. Even create your own!

Share what you are doing for National Drink Wine Day with us on social media by tagging @missouriwine and #missouriwine.

A Missouri wine country love story: The Sawyers

February 14, 2022

Bill and Leslie moved to the Ozarks in 2010. Both originally from Chicago, they opted to uproot their city life and move to rural Missouri after being gifted eight acres of land in Brighton. This small farm allowed them to pursue their dream of founding an animal rescue. Eden Animal Haven, an all-cat, cage-free animal shelter became the first of its kind in Southwest Missouri. The Sawyer’s love for rural life grew and they quickly found their own shelter and solace at 7C’s Winery in Walnut Grove.

When they made their big move in 2010, the majority of their focus was on readjusting to their new home and developing a new business. They enjoyed their spare time traveling all over Missouri and soaking in the tourism the state has to offer. Both Bill and Leslie love visiting all types of wineries and even participated several years in the Missouri Wine Loyalty and Passport Programs.

“We just love Missouri wineries,” Leslie says. “Each winery has its own personality and its own story. Each setting is beautiful and different.” Leslie says learning the history behind them is their favorite part.

The Sawyers had visited 7C’s Winery prior to their move and absolutely loved it. This made it one of their favorite places to visit once they were settled in. They could even bring their dogs, which made it the perfect place to go enjoy their weekends. Friendships were quickly made with other winery-goers which turned into group social outings, clubs and lots of live music enjoyed together with friends.

Bill and Leslie became easy friends with Dwight and Jean Crevelt, the owners of 7C’s Winery. The Crevelts had parallels to the Sawyers. They had also moved to Southwest Missouri to follow their business dreams and they started their businesses around the same time. Their pups even became best pals – the Sawyer’s Dachshund, Cara, and the Crevelt’s Labrador, Coco, had a Missouri winery love story of their own.

“I cannot remember a time coming to the winery without at least one dog,” Leslie joked. Eve and Jackson are their other dogs, but Kara visits the winery the most. She is let off her leash, greets everyone and acts like she owns the place. All kinds are comfortable at the beautiful, rural setting at 7C’s Winery.

In 2015, Bill was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and needed immediate expert care in Texas. After his recovery and return to Missouri, Leslie and Bill went to 7C’s Winery to celebrate. “It was the only place he wanted to go,” Leslie said.

Bill and Leslie became engaged and started of thinking of places to hold their ceremony and celebration. They both quickly suggested 7C’s as the place that best represented their relationship and love, and where they wanted to celebrate their union. Bill and Leslie reached out to the Crevelts to see if weddings were an option at the winery. Weddings weren’t previously held there but Dwight was quick to say "We would love that!”

On October 1, 2016, Bill and Leslie got married and held their reception at the winery. It was just as they had imagined. They started a trend of many beautiful and unique weddings that have been held since at 7C’s Winery.

“Each is very different and do it yourself,” Dwight said. “They are all very special and we’re glad they want to celebrate here. However, I will never forget Bill and Leslie’s special day.”

This Missouri wine country love story transcends romance. Friendship, support, hospitality, and memories allowed the Sawyers to grow new roots in the Ozarks. They made their own addition to the history of their local winery. Their foundation sets the stage for other Missouri wine love stories to come.

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(n.) Sediment consisting of dead yeast cells, grape pulp, seed and other grape matter that accumulates during fermentation

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