Winter Wonderland in MO Wine Country

February 20, 2018

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Many people think of winter as the off season at local wineries, but you’d be pleasantly surprised by the beauty and welcoming atmosphere of Missouri wine country during this chilly season. The views may be different, but that doesn’t make them any less wondrous – from snow covered vines, to a bluff top view of a crawling, ice-filled Missouri river. There are great things happening inside the winery this time of year as well – wines age and mature into the favorites you know and love all while friends and family gather by the fire and enjoy the slower pace that comes with the season. 

Winter in the vineyards at St. James Winery | MO Wine
St. James Winery 
Nature's refrigerator... Hemman Winery wine nestled in the snow. | MO Wine
Hemman Winery 
Frozen Missouri River view from Les Bourgeois Vineyards | MO Wine
Les Bourgeois Vineyards 
Barrel work inside KC Wineworks | MO Wine
KC Wineworks 
Snow covered vines at Chaumette Winery | MO Wine
Chaumette Winery 
Mulled wine at Riverwood Winery | MO Wine
Riverwood Winery 
Fireplace burning bright and warm at Keltoi Vineyards | MO Wine
Keltoi Vineyards
Ice covered vineyard at Stone Hill Winery | MO Wine
Stone Hill Winery 

Cheers to a beautiful winter in Missouri wine country!