Wineries with Furry Friends

April 08, 2021

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If you are a lover of pets, you will enjoy visiting these wineries. Who knows, you may even make a new furry friend.


At Edg-Clif you will find about 12 different cats working in different capacities at the winery, including hospitality and pest control.

Hairi, short for Harriet, watches all the winery operations and makes sure things are running smoothly. She can be seen in the winery, vineyard and tasting room. She often follows visitors on their walks around the property.

Lady Grey, sometimes known as Lady Bug, is a sweet, small, gray Russian cat. She surveys the guests in an effort to find the right lap for an afternoon nap. 

Nibs is a handsome, sleek, black male cat that loves to nap in the barrel room where guests are served in the winter months. Sometimes he can be found stretched out in the middle of a table enticing visitors to admire and pet him.

Three gray cats care for the machine shop next to the tasting pavilion. Mini Pearl and Midnight, both black blacks, are stationed outside the main house. In addition, there is Gus, a red tabby, Zoey, a small gray cat, and Buster, a huge Russian gray cat, who is infamous for sporting his bow tie.



Hummingbird Vineyard and Winery

Gerty is a two-year-old boxer who loves to play and beg for treats, of course. She's full of energy and loves to greet everyone as they come outside. She might lick you, so be warned!



Jowler Creek

At Jowler Creek you will likely meet Vidal, a Great Pyrenees and longtime resident of the winery – nine years to be exact. Just last year Vino, also a Great Pyrenees, joined the team. This duo can be found roaming the vineyards and greeting guests.


River Ridge Winery

At River Ridge Winery, you will meet winery dog Michelle, a black lab. She has been hosting and greeting visitors for 11 years. Her interests include cheese, sunny spots in the spring, fall and winter, shady spots in the summer and swimming in the lake up on the hill.

Ivy, the cat, is the winery’s mystery feline that only comes out in the evening as the crowd thins out. She is a master of camouflage. She could be a few feet away, up the hill from the terrace or 20 feet up in a tree but it will still take a keen eye to spot her.


Stone Hill Winery

Theodora is a three-and-a-half-year-old rescue that can sometimes be seen roaming the hillside, exploring the winery offices or running through Stone Hill’s vineyards. She is a mixed breed, mostly German Shepherd. Her favorite activity is racing down a row of grapes.


Wild Sun Winery

While they may not be at the winery every day, Norton and Eli certainly rule the roost when they are! Edward Wagner says these “4-legged blessings are truly man's best friend.” They provide camaraderie, comfort and endless entertainment. Wild Sun offers Dog Days of Summer where you can share the day at the winery with your special pal as well.



We hope you have the chance to meet some of these adorable winery pets. If you do, snag a picture and be sure to tag us! If you want to share a picture of your pet, post it in the comment section of our #NationalPetDay post on April 11.