Wine & Flowers: The Perfect Present

June 08, 2024


Missouri Wine is for more than sipping! This is your next perfect gift, up your wine giving game with this wine bottle bouquet!


• Floral Foam

• Bottle of Missouri Wine

• Fresh assortment of florals (synthetic florals work as well)

• Bowl of water

Let’s Build it:

  1. Cut a square of floral foam. Take wine bottle and turn upside down, pushing top of bottle (cap facing foam) into the center of the square. Creating the perfect size indent into foam. Once this step is done, remove bottle from foam and set aside.
  2. Take bowl of water and submerge each side of floral foam into bowl. Make sure each side has been covered with water. Allow to drain for a minute or two on a separate dish. For synthetic flowers, you do not have to soak the floral foam.
  3. Once lightly drained, place foam on top of wine bottle, aligning the hole with the bottle cap. If you would like to trim side of foam to make a smaller bouquet, now is the time to do so. It’s easier when foam is already placed on bottle because you can see the proportions clearly.
  4. Take a knife to slice off any excess foam you would like to remove.
  5. Once your foam is shaped to your liking, cut your florals stems off, leaving about an inch or inch and a half of stem to pierce through foam. For Synthetic Flowers do the same.
  6. Arrange your flowers in the foam to your liking. Ensure the bouquet is even and shaped all the way around in a 360-degree design. 
  7. Place the bouquet back on top of your wine bottle. Your gift is ready to give!

Pro-tip: Use a bottle of Missouri Wine for your bouquet!

If you need a graduation gift, special present for mom or a "just because" bouquet, this DIY is the way to go!


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