Wine-dyed Easter Eggs

April 05, 2023

wine and eggs

Skip the artificial colorings this Easter and create deep purple eggs with your favorite red Missouri wines. Not to mention, you will be doing less dishes with this one-pot wonder, and the colorful (and very spill-able) cups of egg dye will be a distant memory.

Simply gather your supplies — one bottle of a red Missouri wine, a medium saucepan and eggs. Yes, that is really all you need.

Pour your bottle of red wine into the saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Gently and carefully place raw eggs into the boiling liquid — a plastic slotted spoon works great. There should be enough wine in the pot to cover or nearly cover the eggs. Do not stir or poke at the eggs while they are cooking; it can leave marks or scratches on the beautiful purple shells. Leave the eggs to simmer in the red wine until they’re boiled to the desire doneness. (Approximately 8 minutes for soft boiled eggs and 15 minutes for hard boiled eggs.)

Remove the saucepan from the heat and let rest as the wine cools. You may remove the eggs immediately, using a plastic slotted spoon, or you can allow the eggs to sit in the cooling wine for an even deeper color. The eggs pictured were removed from the wine within 30 minutes of completing their cooking.

You will notice the eggs have little crystals formed on their shells. This is natural and safe. Do not polish or wash the eggs after they are dyed in wine. Simply allow them to dry on a paper towel before safely stowing them in the fridge.

Experiment with different colors of eggs, wines and times left in the wine to have a beautiful array of purples and maroon eggs — from lilac to deep, dark purple, which can be nearly black.

Share your results online and tag #missouriwine in your Easter masterpieces.

dying eggs in wine

wine dyed eggs

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