What makes Missouri wine worth the work?

September 07, 2017

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What makes Missouri wine worth the work?Grape growing and winemaking is not easy, especially not in Missouri. And yet, despite its difficulty, there are 130+ wineries and 425 grape growers spread across the Show Me state. Ever wonder why? The answer is relatively simple. It’s because Missouri winemakers and grape-growers know that some things are worth the work.

Missouri has a long and storied history of winemaking, and in all those years, it’s never been an easy feat. Getting the local wine industry back on its feet after being decimated by Prohibition was no small task either, but through dedication, hard work and perseverance the Missouri wine industry began to thrive. Those early wineries that reopened after prohibition blazed a trail that has been followed by many others who are passionate about making quality wine and undeterred by a challenge.

Growing grapes is an arduous task in most climates, but Missouri’s hot, humid summers and frigid winters increase the difficulty. Local grape growers have discovered many ways to combat these challenges such as cultivating hybrid and native American varietals that are more cold-hardy and can withstand some of the pressures Missouri’s climate raises. Technology and working with researchers in the area also help area vintners produce high quality grapes year after year. There are 1,700 acres of grapes grown throughout Missouri wine country, because without quality grapes, you can’t make award-winning wines.

The hard work doesn’t stop after the grapes are harvested. Winemakers have a bevy of challenges to ensure they make the best wine possible. Missouri winemakers bring home awards from national and international competitions on a regular basis, and it’s not by accident. From state of the art machinery to hours of hard labor, winemakers put in the time to craft delicious wine. Each stage of the process is handled with care from crushing and fermenting to aging and filtering. Winemaking is a marriage of art and science that takes both passion and patience.

In the month of September, we celebrate all of the hard work and dedication of the Missouri wine industry. Raise a glass of locally crafted, nationally awarded wine for Missouri Wine Month, and you’ll know with the first sip why some things are worth the work