Scary Movie + Wine Pairings

October 26, 2023

Spooky season is here and we are ready to celebrate. Halloween movies are a staple of the season and what better way to watch them than with wine!

Turn on a Halloween movie and relax with a glass of Missouri wine.

Catawba + Clue – Catawba is a sweet wine that finishes with a floral and woodsy twist that we think would pair great with the 1985 classic film Clue. This film is fairly light-hearted and ends with an unexpected twist, keeping you on your toes until the very end.

Chambourcin + The Shining – If you dare to watch this scary movie, pour yourself a glass of Chambourcin to get through it! The plot of The Shining is dark and twisted, with lots of depth mixed with psychic premonitions and dark secrets. Chambourcin is known for its rich color that adds depth to many red blends, making it the perfect dark wine to pair with this frightening movie.

Chardonel + Scary Movie – With its dry sense of humor and embody of classic scenes from famous scary movies, Scary Movieis a great way to get a laugh and a little spooked. Pair it with a glass of Chardonel, a dry white wine that embodies both Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay. This dryer white wine is best fit for this not-so-scary Scary Movie.

Concord + Casper – A sweet red wine with aromas of candy and notes of jam is the perfect wine to pair with Casper, a sweet film about a young ghost who haunts a mansion in Maine. America fell in love with Concord grapes just like how Casper fell in love in the movie. Pair the two together and you’ll have a delightful sweet treat.

Norton + Halloween – Alike to our classic varietal of Missouri, this 1978 authentic Halloween film about Michael Myers is a must watch during this season. This dark and deceiving plot goes great alongside a glass of Norton, a rich and layered wine. Norton is known for being bold and full-bodied, alike to this complex plot that will keep you watching until the very end.

Red Blend + Sleepy Hollow – This 1999 classic film mixes horror, fantasy and romance to tell the classic tale of Sleepy Hollow. Our Missouri red blends are also a mix of flavors and red wine varietals, with each blend different from the others. Watch this extraordinary film while you sip on an anything but ordinary wine.

Rosé + Haunted Mansion – A specialty wine that can be made sweet or dry is the perfect pairing for Haunted Mansion, a 2023 film that is on the lighter side but can be spooky too. Paired together, they both offer a sweet and dry aroma, with moments of laughter and fright.

Seyval Blanc + Hocus Pocus – Herbal spices, pear and oak. All aromas that sound like they could be boiling in a witch’s stew. These flavors, however, make up the crisp and clean taste of a Seyval Blanc. Pour a glass of this unique wine and watch Hocus Pocus, a film about evil witches who are accidently released into the world and must be stopped before it’s too late.

Sparkling + Scream – Scream, a modern horror classic that involves both tension and self-parody, is a great film to pair with a glass of Sparkling wine. This wine can be made sweet or dry, with aromas of fresh fruit and flowers. Following the plot of the movie, the victims are not always the ones you’d expect, just like the taste of sparkling wine.

Traminette + The Addams Family – The Addams Family is anything but normal. They live a fun and complex life, with a twist of thrill. Alike to their family, Traminette is a complex wine with a touch of spice on the end. It has floral aromas, citrus fruit and a tangy acidity. Watch The Addams Family and follow along their mysterious lives, just as you follow along the diverse aromas of Traminette.

Vidal Blanc + Young Frankenstein – For those of us who cannot recall the classic story of Frankenstein and Transylvania, we recommend watching Young Frankenstein. This vintage film follows Dr. Frederick Frankenstein who inherits his infamous grandfather’s estate in Transylvania. One experiment lead to another and he creates his own monster Frankenstein. Pair it with a glass of Vidal Blanc, a dry white wine that finishes sweet, just like the story of Young Frankenstein.

Vignoles + Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin – Vignoles is a very versatile grape, it can be dry or sweet or in between. Alike to the versatility of Vignoles, Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin is a film for everyone. Whether you are younger or older, you will enjoy this cute classic that embodies all things fall.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a glass of Missouri wine during fall. Turn on your favorite Halloween movie because its spooky season here at Missouri Wines!



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