Ready, Set, Upcycle! Wine Cork Edition .

May 07, 2013

Turn that pile of wine corks into something beautiful and useful.

Like any good wine-lover, you probably have an ever-growing collection of wine corks, and you’re wondering what to do with them. Whether you want something decorative, useful or a little of both, there are many ways to upcycle natural cork for yourself or as gifts for your fellow wine-enthusiasts.

The first step in deciding which gloat-worthy DIY cork project to tackle is taking an inventory of the corks you have to work with. There’s nothing worse than running out of supplies half-way through. Needing more corks for your next crafty adventure is a great reason to buy and enjoy more Missouri wine, but if you need A LOT more corks, see if friends and family are willing to contribute to your stash. Recycled corks are also available for purchase on eBay or Amazon  in quantities ranging from 50 to 500.

Once you have enough corks for your task, you’re ready to get crafty!

There are so many wine cork projects to choose from, but here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Coasters or a trivet will be a hit the next time you have friends over. They also make a great, from-the-heart housewarming gift. Helpful tip: Coasters and trivets often support very warm containers. Choose a glue or adhesive that can stand the heat, like superglue.

Decorative letters are all the rage. Can you think of a better statement piece for your kitchen or bar?

Wine cork key chains are cute and useful. Fun fact: Cork floats! So, unless your key ring resembles a school-janitor’s, you won’t have to worry about keys falling to the bottom of the pool, lake or bathtub. Too bad cork can’t make keys float to the top of your purse.

Making a jewelry cork board is a unique way to display (and organize!) your accessories.

Get crafty, and remember… Missouri wines pair well with craft night!

Bonus tip: Write a date, occasion or quote on wine corks to recall special times as you collect them. When you make crafts out of them later, you’ll have an even more personal and unique piece.

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