Prep your glassware with these polishing tips

August 16, 2022

Fine Missouri wines can be enjoyed in any glassware! However, if you are entertaining, here’s a few tips to polish your wine glasses and elevate your guest experience.

The secret is in the steam

Take your clean glassware and hold it over a steamer or boiling pot of water. Rotate the glass by holding the stem so that the inside of the bowl to the rim is fully fogged. Also, allow the foot of the glass to gather steam as well.

Simple ways to make it shine

You can use a variety of household items to polish your glassware. A polishing cloth is always handy to have. If the size of the cloth allows, grip the corner around the stem or the foot and begin to polish the outside of the glass. Next, hold the stem and polish the inside of the glass, making sure to get to the very bottom. Make sure to hold the glass up to a light source to avoid water spots or streaking. Note: Never polish the foot and the bowl in a twisting motion to avoid glass breakage and tension on the stem.

No polishing cloth, no problem

Did you know that coffee filters can be used to polish glassware as well? These are a great alternative to a fancy polishing cloth. Other options for polishing are high-end paper towels, as well as a glass-specific polishing cloth that might be used for other surfaces in the home. Avoid materials that may scratch or leave lint trails behind on the glassware.

Try these tips at home and see what you think! Share your polishing tips with us on social media by tagging #missouriwine and @missouriwine.

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