Missouri Wine Condiments: Food’s Best Friend

August 21, 2013

Rhubarb ketchup, photo courtesy of foodandwine.com.

Condiments exist in this world to enhance our food; to dress up an otherwise simple-flavored meal. Sauces, spices and seasonings on particular foods can really improve the dining experience. It just so happens that Missouri wine is a perfect ingredient in making your own yummy condiments. Try some of the recipes below to kick your next meal up a notch!

Rhubarb Ketchup with Wine: An interesting twist on a classic condiment – this ketchup goes great with steaks, brats, pork or your favorite fried snack like fries or onion rings. Use a Missouri dessert wine or port.  

Red Wine Barbecue Sauce: Use a rich Norton in this recipe, which creates a tangy and smoky sauce. And it can be prepared at least two days in advance.

Porcini Red Wine Butter: Talk about a savory spread! This mushroom and red wine butter will go great as a topping on steak or pasta dishes. The butter will keep for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator or up to 3 months frozen. Use your favorite Missouri red wine.

Red Wine Carrot Sauce: This slightly sweet sauce is a great addition to steak or roasted chicken dishes. Use a Norton or Chambourcin and carrots from your local farmers market.

White Wine Sauce: A delicate, white wine sauce is a perfect companion for chicken and seafood dishes. This recipe is simple and uses only six ingredients. Use a dry white Chardonel.

Red Wine Sauce: This is a classic condiment to have on hand at all times. Add to almost any meat or pasta dish. Use a bold Norton.

Nectarine Red Wine Sauce: Bring desserts to life with this sweet sauce. Try it over vanilla ice cream! Use a Norton or Chambourcin and fresh nectarines.

Have fun experimenting with these recipes at your next summer barbecue or back-to-school get-together. Cheers!

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