Kickoff the Super Bowl with Missouri Wines

January 31, 2014

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Chicken wings, pizza and nachos are foods you might expect to see at a Super Bowl gathering, but have you thought about adding Missouri wines to the starting lineup for your football festivities? Good food and good wine are made for each other. Missouri wine is sure to be a crowd-pleaser when paired with traditional game day snacks.

Chicken Wings: From sweet barbecue to spicy buffalo, wings are a must-have for many fans on Super Bowl Sunday. Brut sparkling wine, and semi-sweet varieties of Vignoles and Traminette will tame the heat of classic hot wings. The intense grape flavor and candy-like aromas of Catawba are a match for honey barbecue wings.

Pizza: Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top five days of the year to eat pizza. A full-bodied red like Norton will score major points when paired with pepperoni pizza pockets. Fiery chipotle chicken pizzablends nicely with the fruit flavors of Vignoles and Chardonel. A hearty meat-lovers pizza piled with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and salami calls for a medium-bodied, dry red such as Chambourcin.

Nachos: A plate of crispy tortilla chips loaded with savory fixings like cheese, salsa and guacamole is almost as exciting as a touchdown. You might need a coin toss to determine which tasty variety of this popular Tex-Mex cuisine to serve on game day. Sweet Vignoles or Traminette will cut the heat of tangy nachos, while Norton pairs well with cheddar cheese.

Veggies and Fruit: Include some healthy choices, like fruit and vegetable platters, in your Super Bowl spread. Sparkling wine complements the fresh, juicy toppings on a slice of fruit pizza. Catawba is the perfect accompaniment melon, grapes and cherries. The crisp, herbal flavor of Seyval Blanc pairs well with citrus fruits, asparagus, broccoli and green peppers. Pour a glass of Norton with cherry tomatoes or a fresh salsa.

Brownies: By the fourth quarter, you’ll be ready for dessert. Brownies are a decadent way to satisfy a group. Treat your guests tochocolate fudge walnut brownies paired with Norton. A batch of fudgy cherry and port brownies will get more attention than the commercials. For a less rich option, try apple brownies with Chambourcin or Traminette.

No matter the outcome of the big game, your championship celebration will be a winner with Missouri wines.

Missouri wines pair well with the Super Bowl!