How to Gift Wrap Wine Bottles – Three Ways

December 20, 2016

Gift wrapped MO wine bottles. Missouri wine makes a fantastic gift, especially when you’re able to share a story or memory along with it. Maybe it’s a favorite wine from a great trip you took on a wine trail. Perhaps it’s a wine you discovered and just had to share with them. Whatever the reason, gifting local wine is a great idea this holiday season. Now, let’s talk gift-wrapping… wine bottles can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got three easy and fun ways to package your vino presents. 


Gift Wrapping a Wine Bottle #1: A DishtowelSupplies 1: dishtowel and bottle of MO wine

Supplies: Dishtowel, ribbon, a bottle of Missouri wine


Lay the dishtowel flat on a table or countertop, design side down. Stand the bottle in the middle of the towel. Gather all four corners of the towel above the top of the bottle. Smooth the towel up the bottle from the bottom to the neck. Tie the ribbon into a bow around the towel at the neck of the bottle. Fluff and tuck as desired and you’re finished. A gift wrapped in a gift… who wouldn’t want to receive that? 


Gift Wrapping a Wine Bottle #2: A Pair of SocksSupplies: Pair of knee-high socks, bottle of MO wine, and ribbon

Supplies: Pair of knee-high socks, bottle of Missouri wine


Starting from the bottom, pull one of the socks over the wine bottle. Fold the excess over the top of the bottle. Use the other sock to tie a bow around the neck of the bottle. You’re all done wrapping. It’s really that quick and easy! *Tip – Thinner socks make tying the bow easier.


Gift Wrapping a Wine Bottle #3: Wrapping Paper FanSupplies: Wrapping paper, bottle of mo wine, tape, scissors, and ribbon

Supplies: Wrapping paper, scissors, double-sided tape, ribbon, bottle of Missouri wine


1. Lay the bottle on a piece of wrapping paper with at least 8 inches overhang on the top and about two inches on the bottom of the bottle. *Tip- Wrapping paper with gridlines makes this easier.
2. Use tape to attach the edge of paper to the side of the bottle, roll bottle in paper until fully covered and tape closed.
3. Tuck the paper at the bottom of the bottle using a triangle pattern as you turn the bottle until it is all tucked in; secure with tape.

4. Stand the bottle up; crease both sides of the paper. For the fan effect, start at the top and fold the paper down in segments, alternating the direction. It works best if your first fold is away from you. Once all of the paper at the top of the bottle is folded into your fan folds, attach it to the top of the bottle with a piece of tape.
5. Tie your ribbon lengthwise around the bottle.

6. Bring either side of your fan fold together in the center to create the look of one continuous arc. Secure each side together in the middle with a piece of tape.

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