Halloween Candy and Wine? It’s a real treat!

October 31, 2013

Got a pile of Halloween candy left in the aftermath of Trick-or-Treating? Create your own little treat with these delicious wine pairings.

Starburst and Vidal Blanc– The crisp apple flavors of Vidal are the perfect complement to the fruity chews. Get ready for a tasty balance of sweet and tart.

Candy Corn and Chardonel– The rich and creamy texture of Chardonel matches the candy corn and adds a great zing to the whole combo.

3 Musketeers and Chambourcin– The jammy fruit flavors of Chambourcin pair well with the chocolate-nougaty goodness of the candy bar.

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate (Or any dark chocolate for that matter!) and Norton– Rich berry flavors in Norton are brought out even more by the bitterness of the dark chocolate for a delectable treat.

Tootsie Pops and Sparkling Wine-The bubbles add zip to the candy coating and go great with the chewy, chocolaty center.

Caramel Apple and Vignoles– The sweet aroma of the Vignoles is a wonderful complement to the caramel and the apple.

Gummy Worms and Pink Catawba– Two deliciously sweet flavors combine to make some very happy taste buds.

After the kids have had a ball trick-or-treating and have come down from their sugar-highs, it’s time for you to have some adult-style fun. Create your very own Halloween candy and wine tasting with the leftover loot.   Missouri Wine pairs well with your sweet tooth!

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