A guide to varietal pairings

December 22, 2021

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Missouri has been producing award-winning wines since the late 1800s. The types of American grapes grown in the state create distinct wines known for unique flavors that can be paired with almost anything. Here’s a guide to Missouri wine varietals and a few key pairing ideas:

Dry Spectrum

Chambourcin sham-bor-san

  • medium-bodied, dry red
  • Pair with: pork loin, burgers, short ribs, red sauce, mushrooms, applesauce, strawberries, figs, brie, camembert, walnuts, cobbler and chocolate cake

Chardonel shar-doe-nel

  • full-bodied dry white
  • Pair with: creamy white cheeses, grilled chicken and fish, mushrooms, almonds, pasta & cream sauce, vanilla cake, banana bread and apple dishes

Norton/Cynthiana nore-tuhn /sin-thee-ana

  • full-bodied dry red
  • Pair with: bold cheeses, smoked lamb, beef and venison, blackened fish, berries, hazelnuts, dark chocolate and spice cake

Seyval Blanc say-vahl-blahnc

  • medium-bodied dry to semi-dry white
  • Pair with: grilled chicken and fish, green vegetables, sushi, white cheeses, pasta & cream sauce, lemon cake & melon

Sweet Spectrum

Catawba ca-taw-ba

  • light-bodied, pink and rose
  • Pair with: spicy cheeses, pork chops, cold cut sandwiches, charcuterie boards and light desserts

Concord con-kord

  • medium-bodied, sweet red
  • Pair with: bold cheeses, barbecued beef, pork chops, orange chicken, candied nuts, and grape pie

Vidal Blanc vee-dahl-blahnc

  • dry to semi-dry & sweet dessert-style white
  • Pair with: grilled chicken and seafood, broccoli & asparagus, sushi, soup, Mozzarella, pasta & cream sauce, citrus, pine nuts & melon

Vignoles veen-yole

  • medium-bodied, dry to sweet & dessert white
  • Pair with: spicy cheeses, spiced curry, Asian or Mexican dishes, buffalo wings, spicy grilled peppers and barbecue, berries and tropical fruits, cheesecake, and Crème Brûlée

Use these great pairing ideas when dining at home, entertaining guests or even during dinner for your date night out. Although these are great ideas, they aren’t exhaustive. There is a Missouri wine for every pairing. Share your pairing ideas with us on social media by tagging #mowine and @missouriwine.