A Guide to Pairing Pork and Missouri Wine

October 03, 2013

Photo courtesy of the National Pork Board

America’s pork industry can be traced back to 1539 when Hernando de Soto landed in Tampa Bay, Florida with 13 pigs. Pork is a delicious, versatile and healthy protein source. It comes as no surprise that the industry has grown exponentially. Missouri alone claims 5 million hogs annually and employs more than 50,000.

October has been proclaimed Pork Month on a state and national level and there are so many ways to celebrate. The thing wine lovers appreciate about pork is that with so many ways to prepare it, you can enjoy it with a wide variety of wines. Here’s a guide to pairing Missouri wine and pork to help you get in the spirit of Pork Month:

Ham, bacon and sausages pair well with Vignoles.

A semi-dry Vignoles has the fruitiness and acidity to balance the smoke and salt in ham and bacon, while a semi-sweet to sweet Vignoles has the weight to stand up to sausages.

Spicy pork pairs well with Traminette.

Pork is a favorite in spicy dishes because the flavors mix so well. Whether it’s traditional Cochinita (spicy Mexican pulled pork) or daeji bulgogi (Korean barbecue), the natural acidity and light sweetness of a Traminette compliments spicy pork well.

Herbed pork pairs well with Chardonel.

You want to avoid overwhelming the mild herbal flavors of roasted or braised pork when choosing a wine to accompany. Try a Chardonel with notes of apple, citrus and oak.

Asian spiced pork pairs well with Chambourcin.

Pork is often used in Asian style dishes. A Chambourcin with its deep fruitiness and low tannin is a great fit for Asian spiced pork meals.

Roast suckling pig, pork belly and barbecued ribs pair well with Norton.

Bold pork dishes with an abundance of crispy fat or tomato-based sauces require a more bold, spicy wine. Norton fits the bill perfectly.

How will you celebrate Pork Month? You can find a plethora of pork recipes at the National Pork Board website. Whatever delectable dishes you decide to make, invite Missouri Wine. Missouri wine pairs well with pork!

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