Go-To Guide for Glassware

January 19, 2021

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With a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing a wine glass can get complicated. But not to fear! We’re here to help you pick the perfect glass to savor any kind of award-winning Missouri wine.

The easiest way to simplify the selection process is to stick to the basics – white wine glass or red wine glass.

Bowl is taller and narrower

Open rim

Smaller glass maintains cooler temperature

More acidity expressed

Aromas preserved





Broad bowl

Rim is tapered

Moderates high tannins

Delivers more aromas

Makes spicy flavors rounded and smooth


Rosés are best enjoyed with a wide bowl that allows an easy swirl to exhale their fruity and floral notes. Its narrower rim helps to guide those delightful aromas to the nose.

Believe it or not, there is a science behind this. A medical group from Japan documented the concentration of vapors in various wine glasses during a study in 2015 using a special camera to record the images. They recorded how different glassware shapes affected the density of vapors at the opening of the glass.

Whether or not you decide to purchase specialty glasses really comes down to what type of wine you tend to consume the most often.


If your go-to vino is a Port, iced wine or late harvest, a small glass with a narrow mouth that reduces evaporation is a must-have.

A flute is great for sparkling wines, just be careful as they are very fragile. 


Stemmed or stemless? While stemless glasses have gained a lot of popularity, they may not always be the best option. Holding a glass by the bowl, rather than a stem or base, causes the wine’s temperature to rise from the heat of the hand. This isn’t a huge deal for reds but can be damaging to whites, as the increased temperature can affect the notes of the wine.

While there is a “right” glass for every wine, there is not a “wrong” one. It’s all about the enjoyment, what fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Download our easy to use Glassware Guide here.