DIY Cork Christmas Garland

December 06, 2021

Reduce your waste, reuse your old corks and recycle them into beautiful holiday decorations. Take your stash of corks and transform them into DIY cork garland in a few easy steps:

What you’ll need

Handheld electric drill with thin drill bit
Fishing line
Wine corks (number varies by length & beads used)
Beads (we used red wood and raw wood colored beads)
Large sewing needle
Jute or fabric for tassels (optional)

Let’s create!

1.Pre-drill holes in corks to allow for easy threading

2.Cut fishing line to desired length

3.Use bead as anchor for end of fishing line by tying a normal double knot around the bead

4.Select bead and cork pattern

5.Use large sewing needle to thread pattern onto fishing line

6.Repeat pattern until fishing line is filled and to desired length of garland

7.Tie off end of garland

8.Cut strips of fabric or jute and assemble into tassels

9.Attach tassels to each end of garland and secure with multiple knots

10.Hang or wrap finished garland as décor!


You can also make garland for any occasion - check out our other TikTok for inspiration! 

Share your DIY cork Christmas garland with us on social by tagging @missouriwine and #mowine. Check out our TikTok Channel for more DIY videos! 

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