Chambourcin: Hard to Say, Easy to Enjoy

October 31, 2016

Chambourcin Infographic 2016-01.pngPronounced sham-bor-san, this French-American hybrid grape is an excellent gateway to dry red wines. As the fall season kicks in, many wine-lovers turn to a glass of delicious red wine. Despite the fact that red wine may be enjoyed year round, there’s something comforting about a glass of red wine as temperatures begin to drop. That’s why the Missouri Wine and Grape Board has designated November as Chambourcin Month. Fruity, with notes of cherry, and earthy with soft tannins, this medium to full bodied wine is incredibly food friendly.  It compliments spices fall is known for such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

The 2016 harvest of Chambourcin is complete and winemakers are currently making this year’s vintage. Missouri wineries throughout the state will be celebrating this varietal by showcasing their Chambouricn wines and hosting special events. How will you celebrate?

November is the perfect time to visit a Missouri winery and give Chamborucin a taste. Share your experiences with us on social media by using the hashtags #Chambourcin and #MOwine.

Popular among Missouri winemakers, this versatile grape was developed by French biochemist Joannes Seyve to specifically withstand colder weather and be more resistant to disease. Seyve often used Seibel hybrids produced in the 1860s, but Chambourcin’s exact parentage is unknown.  It is thought to be a crossing of native North American vines with a Siebel hybrid. The medium-sized grapes are blue-black in color and generally produce large, loose clusters.

Missouri wines made with Chambourcin are collecting awards from competitions all over the nation. Check out our trophy case to find an award winning Chambourcin wine to try!    

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