Celebrate Repeal Day with MO Wine

December 05, 2017

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Celebrate Repeal Day with MO Wine- Historic photo of woman posing with a repeal the 18th amendment advertisement December 5th is Repeal Day and the Missouri wine industry has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Prior to Prohibition the Missouri wine industry was thriving. There were hundreds of wineries producing millions of gallons of wine. Wines that were garnering international attention.

With the passing of the 18th amendment, however, the industry was brought to a sudden and devastating halt. Grapevines were ripped from the ground, barrels of wine spilled in the street, and massive underground cellars converted to grow mushrooms. December 5, 1933 saw the 21st amendment ratified, repealing the 18th.

Celebrate Repeal Day with MO Wine - Historical newspaper with headline "14-Year Dry Era Ends Today"

This meant Missouri wine industry could start its slow road to recovery. There are now 130+ wineries in the state, making 1.25 million gallons of wine every year, and once again garnering international awards. Raise a glass of your favorite Missouri wine and join us in celebrating. Cheers to Repeal Day!