Celebrate National Pork and Country Ham Month with Missouri Wines

October 04, 2018

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October is National Pork and Country Ham Month. It’s a time set aside to celebrate the pork industry, the time of year when hogs were traditionally marketed. We invite you to raise a glass of Missouri wine paired perfectly with the following pork products in tribute to farmers across the country.

*Photo courtesy of National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff. Des Moines, IA USA

Pork Loin + Chambourcin
Pork chops + Catawba
Spicy pork ribs + Vignoles
Smoked pork + Chardonel
Pulled pork + Concord
Brats + Traminette
Pork belly + Chambourcin
BBQ Pork Steaks + Norton
Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies + Concord
A charcuterie board is another great option for your gathering. You can customize the board based on your preferences and pair these selections with a variety of delicious Missouri wines. Some pairing suggestions include a dry rosé with a country ham. The natural sweetness of Vignoles is the perfect complement to a spicy sausage because sweet cuts the heat. 
Gather your family and friends and celebrate with your favorite pork dish and Missouri wine. Salud! 
*Meat provided by Burgers’ Smokehouse and Central Missouri Meat and Sausage.