Behind the Label: Noboleis Vineyards Swirl Series

August 25, 2022

Noboleis Vineyards' Swirl was created for days full of fun, friends and family – yet was ironically a brain child of the pandemic. These unique wine-based beverages are the product of Noboleis' head winemaker Gabe Miller's play day. Two years of research and development were dedicated to perfect these sangrias and botanicals but also the brand that surrounds them.

"We wanted it to be something you could make memories with, uplift your spirits and just have some fun because you can always use more fun in your life," says Tricia Newbold, Noboleis Vineyards’ marketing director.

One glance at Swirl products’ packaging evokes the fun and playful feelings the Noboleis team wanted to capture. Their product line was created with utmost attention to detail. Everything about Swirl is intentional, from the bold colors to minimalist design. Better yet, every ounce of it was created by Missourians, according to the Augusta-based vineyard and winery.

"We are local, and everything that goes into the product and the wines are made by people from Missouri, designed by people from Missouri and grown by people of Missouri," Newbold says.

When it came time to pick a design team to lead the charge of building the brand for the budding canned beverages, the talented Novel team came first to mind. This St. Louis marketing agency had previously helped Noboleis Vineyards redesign their website and found success. In this new endeavor, the visions and creative talents were unmatched.

The Noboleis team held meetings with Novel's Attilio D'Agostino and Elizabeth Tucker. They arranged focus groups and round tables to delve into the "why" behind the product and how to convey this to customers. While Noboleis Vineyards always wanted their canned wine-based beverages to be fun, they also wanted them to appeal to a variety of tastes. Outside of general appeal, the team also knew the products had to be catchy, so as they brainstormed potential names, they knew that the winner would be one word — quick to say and easy to pronounce.

“Swirl” quickly rose to the top. Its nod to tasting room protocol would intrigue wine aficionados, yet its breezy name would be approachable for those who haven't set foot into a winery. That balance was at the forefront of the team’s minds throughout the process.

They wanted to create a wine-based beverage line that shirked any pretentiousness without shrugging off everything that makes Missouri wine great — its local roots, flavors and ties to the community. Swirl has done just that, as the product celebrates Missouri wine in many ways. Its canned packaging allows customers to throw it in a cooler for a float trip down one of Missouri's many rivers, sip it out of a wine glass or enjoy it straight from the can and surround yourself by friends and family.

Family is forefront at Noboleis Vineyards. Bob and Lou Ann Nolan founded the vineyard and winery 12 years ago after the couple purchased 84 acres in Augusta a few years prior. The couple remained at the helm of the vineyard until Bob passed last July. Today, this family-owned, female-operated winery treasures its roots and continues to build upon the family legacy. This is quite apparent by the vineyards' name (created by combining their last names) and traditional wine label imagery. It’s not surprising that current owners and mother-daughter trio, LouAnn Nolan, Christine Newbold and Angie Geis, wanted input from the entire Noboleis family and team for the Swirl design.

When Novel would send potential mock-ups for the Swirl cans, the vineyard crew would excitedly print off the artwork and wrap it around a Diet Coke can before standing back to look at their choices. This visual gave the entire team a different perspective, according to Newbold. A new perspective is what Noboleis Vineyards hopes to provide everyone who enjoys a sip of Swirl.

The 2022 Missouri Wine Label Competition judges enjoyed this fresh take on Missouri wines. The intention behind every can of Swirl was evident, from the color palette to the minimalistic yet intriguing design. Designs that garnered Swirl the “Best Label Series” among many traditional bottle entries. Proof that everyone can use a little more fun, family and a unique perspective.

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