Beautiful Bottles

August 11, 2022

Upcycling your wine bottles can be as simple as a brushstroke! With these quick tips, you will see that no artistic ability is required. While you can use painted wine bottles for anything from hummingbird feeders to centerpieces, we opted for oil/vinaigrette bottles for this project. 

What you will need

Clean, empty bottles from your favorite Missouri wine

Dish soap and rubbing alcohol 

Acrylic paints

Paint brushes

Brush on sealant

Oil dispenser bottle toppers (optional)

Step 1: Prep your bottles

While acrylic paints are a forgiving medium, sometimes they don't stick to glass. Therefore, it is essential to have a clean surface before you start painting. Wash the bottles thoroughly with dish soap to remove any leftover label remnants, and then wipe clean of fingerprints and residue with rubbing alcohol before drying completely. 

Step 2: Start painting.

While some people are intimidated by picking up a paintbrush, we encourage you to dive in. If painting and design aren't your things, we have two sure-fire designs that are fun for all ages. 

Classy Confetti: We think this design is an excellent choice for painters who want a worry-free abstract look. Pick three to four colors of acrylic paint. Then, one at a time, dab the colors onto the bottle using the end of your paintbrush, a pencil eraser or even a Q-tip. Each placement will leave a perfect circle. For best results, dip the dabber in the paint often to refill for the perfect circle, and then let dry between colors to avoid smudges or mixed colors.

Fantastic Flowers: While these freeform flowers may look complex, this design only requires three colors of paint. First, you will need some white paint. Simply paint freeform by placing squiggly areas all around the bottle. Next, pick your secondary color (we used red.) Take the same brush with which you painted the white onto the bottle and dip it in the second color. Start painting the middle of your white areas with C-shaped brush strokes to create a layer of petals. Don't worry if your chosen color and the white mix together. That will create a unique blended effect. Continue swapping between your selected color and white and work toward the middle of each shape, creating rows of c-shaped petals. After you've painted all your flowers, fill any open spaces with green leaves. Let the bottle dry, and outline the leaves and petals using a thin brush or paint pen. 

Step 3: Seal your artwork

Since paint can be removed from glass, we recommend you seal your artwork with a brush-on sealant to protect the finished bottle.

Step 4: Enjoy

We love these beautiful bottles to use in our kitchen or they are also great to give as gifts. The possibilities are endless, and we hope you experiment with your own designs as you upcycle. 

Share your wine bottle designs or other repurposing ideas with us by tagging #missouriwine and @missourwine on social media. 


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