5 Tips for the Perfect Picnic

August 22, 2017

5 Tips for the Perfect Picnic

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than al fresco dining and a picnic is just the ticket. Whether you’re bringing a picnic to a local winery (Yes, many allow you to bring in food, but to be sure call ahead to confirm it’s allowed.), or looking for the perfect Missouri wine to pack in your picnic basket, we have some tips to help you get the most out of your next picnic.

1.Stick to Finger Foods

Finger foods are your friend when it comes to packing a delicious and well-rounded picnic. Consider these great options: veggies or fruit (maybe some dips too), cheeses, deli or hard meats (salami, etc.), pickles, olives, bread (or pita/crackers/chips), dried fruits, nuts, sandwiches, and the list goes on. Don’t forget dessert! There are countless delicious and easy to eat sweet treats to choose from.

2.Know Your Audience

Everyone has different tastes, and that can sometimes be a challenge to accommodate. If you don’t know your group’s tastes specifically, consider a range of dishes or snacks so everyone can have something. Example: A meatless option, a bread/grain-free option, and a dairy free option.

3.Pair the Perfect Wines

If you’re picnicking at a winery, the staff can be a great resource to help you and your fellow feasters select the ideal wines for your menu. If you’re looking for Missouri wines at your local retailer, check out this guide to match up your picnic fixins to local wines.

4.Pack a Picnic Toolbox

Key items that will make any picnic easier: plates, cups/non-breakable “glasses”, napkins/paper towels, trash bag, serving utensils, corkscrew, knife and cutting board. If you have all or most of these, you’ll be pretty well prepared for anything.

5.Cozy and Comfortable is Key

A washable blanket is likely the most important thing for creating a comfortable and welcoming picnic atmosphere, but consider throwing in a few pillows and bringing a speaker for music to make it extra cozy.

Follow these tips and you’ll be set for the perfect picnic with Missouri wines. Cheers! 

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