12 Life Hacks with Wine Corks

February 21, 2017

Wine corks are one of those things most people collect, but aren’t quite sure why. Turns out they are some of the most useful things you’ll find around your house. They can solve problems like tangled cords and uneven chairs, keep your fingers safe from a hot pan lid, and even help you host a great event as a menu card holder. Here are some of our favorite life hacks with handy wine corks:

Wine cork chip clip life hack | MO wine

1. A simple, quick chip clip. Just slice (carefully) down the middle and slide it over your folded bag of chips (or other bagged snacks).

Wine cork card holder life hack | MO wine

2. Card stands that are super versatile. Removing a slice of the cork so it sits flat and making a small slit creates a card stand that’s great for place cards, menu cards, or even photos.

Wine cork bungee life hack | MO wine

3. Cords will finally be organized with cork bungees! Simply drill two holes, thread some elastic cord through, and tie. That’s it, you’re set to keep your cords tangle free and organized.

Wine cork keychain life hack | MO wine

4. A sink-proof key chain. If you like to spend time in or near the water boating, fishing or swimming, this is a hack for you. Cork floats, making it the perfect keychain for boat or pool keys.

Wine cork fish hook life hack | MO wine

5. Speaking of fishing… don’t get hooked. Use loose corks to protect yourself from the sharp prongs of fishing hooks.

Wine cork life hacks - Cool touch pan lid | MO Wine

6. Protect your fingers from hot pot lids. Slide a wine cork under the handle of a pot lid that gets a little too warm and you have an instant cool touch-point.

Wine cork headphones life hack | MO wine

7. Never have tangled headphones again. With two simple slits in a wine cork, you can avoid the tangled mess of headphones at the bottom of your bag.

Wine cork magnet life hack | MO wine

8. Stay organized with cork magnets or tacks. Slices of cork glued to magnets or tacks are handy and lightweight. Keep those to-dos and inspirations orderly.

Wine cork hack pincushion | MO Wine

9. Avoid accidental pricks with a cork pincushion. Loose pins or needles are a painful accident waiting to happen. Keep them organized and safe in a wine cork.

Wine cork hacks fire starters | MO Wine

10. Make simple and quick fire starters. Soaking corks in isopropyl alcohol for 24 hours turns them into a handy fire starter. Great for camping trips!

Wine cork drawer pull life hack | MO wine

11. Replace a missing or broken drawer pull instantly. If a drawer or cabinet pull breaks, you can replace it almost instantly by screwing in a wine cork. The larger, mushroom style corks from sparkling wine work particularly well.

Wine cork hacks anti floor scuff | MO Wines

12. Avoid scuffs and fix an uneven piece of furniture. Slicing a piece of cork and sticking to the feet of furniture will help prevent floor scuffs and the pieces can be cut to fit if the furniture happens to be a bit wobbly or uneven.

Wine cork life hack - safer slicing | MO wine

*Pro tip: Use a binder clip to hold the wine cork while you slice so it doesn’t have the chance to roll away from you.

Keep enjoying award-winning Missouri wines and hang on to those corks for useful projects around the house. Cheers!

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