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Late harvest and ice wines are a special type of dessert wines. They are produced by allowing the grapes to stay on the vine past their peak ripeness. As the grape naturally dehydrates, the sugar content becomes more concentrated. Late harvest grapes are typically picked 1-2 months after their normal harvest time. 

Ice wine takes things a step further; specifically utilizing grapes left on the vine past the first frost in the fall. This allows them to freeze before they are harvested concentrating the sugar. The grapes are immediately pressed while frozen. Since the water within the grape is frozen, the juice carries more flavor influencing the character and complexity of the wine. Making an ice wine can be difficult since suitable conditions are not always guaranteed.  

Ideal Serving Temperature:

40°F to 50°F

Food pairings:

Gorgonzola, salted or spicy nuts, fruit tart, panna cotta, crème bruleé  

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