Vertical Wine Dinner

Join us at Spencer Manor Winery's Vertical Wine Dinner on March 21st, 2024. Doors open at 5pm, Dinner at 6pm.

Be the first to taste the excellence of our upcoming release, the 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, as we present a unique vertical tasting featuring the 2017, 2018 vintages and the highly anticipated 2019 vintage. Each pour will reveal the evolution of flavors that define the essence of Spencer Manor wine.

Mr. John LaRocca

John LaRocca has an extensive background in the hospitality industry, showcasing his strong leadership and management skills. Currently serving as a Coordinator at the Missouri Restaurant Association, he oversees the curriculum offering culinary and management skills development for high school students. John also organizes events like the Missouri Student Invitational and leads the review of Scholar's applications.

Wine Clubs of Missouri

February 27, 2024

Joining wine clubs from Missouri wineries can be a delightful way to experience the diverse and flavorful wines produced in the region. By becoming a member, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts on wine purchases, invitations to special events and access to limited edition wines that may not be available to the public.

Joining a wine club can provide a sense of community and connection with fellow wine enthusiasts who share your passion for all things wine related. It allows you to try new wines, gain new experiences and discover all that Missouri wineries offer.

Below are some Missouri wineries with wine club options.

  • Amigoni Urban Winery offers access to new and limited production wines, recipes, discounts, and member-only opportunities to interact with the winemaker as part of the wine club.
  • Arcadian Moon Winery & Brewery wine club members can select their individual subscription level, get discounts on wines and event tickets, partake in special tasting opportunities, and get access to pre-released wines.
  • Augusta and Montelle Winery offers many perks including discounts on wine and merchandise and exclusive event invites. Bonus feature: Many of the membership offers are accepted at their sister location Montelle Winery as well, including their scenic sunset dinners.
  • Chaumette Vineyard and Winery includes discounts at the award-winning Grapevine Grill and gift shop, access to the pool and fitness center, plus two bottles of award-winning wines shipped right to your doorstep six times a year. What a great deal!
  • Edg-Clif Farms and Vineyard’s Hand Picked Wine Club is a great opportunity to gain exclusive access to four signature events at the winery that coincide with the release of specialty wines. Members also get a unique set of wine glasses just for joining.
  • Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery includes special experiences each month beyond wine and discounts on purchases. Members receive items to enhance their wine experience like scented bath salts and lavender seeds to start their own butterfly garden at home.
  • Mount Pleasant Estates gives members discounts and three shipping options for quarterly shipments of limited release wines, which include winemaker notes and recipe pairings. Vintner’s Circle is a members-only event you wouldn’t want to miss.  
  • Noboleis Vineyards membership club ensures your invitation to exclusive events, pre-released vintages and a valuable discount at the winery. Tell your friends, this is the place to be!
  • Riverwood Winery launched a new wine club that offers discounts on purchases, access to member-only events and early notification of limited release wines.
  • Shawnee Bluff Winery offers a VIP Society like no other. This customizable offer boasts packages based on your tastes in wine, special events and discounts that are valid at both the winery and vineyard location. Bonus: After 6 months in the club a personally crafted barrel stave with your name is added to the wall of fame at the vineyard location.
  • St. James Winery gives its members three tiers to choose from, providing a truly customizable experience. In addition to all the award-winning wine, members receive special pricing on gifts, apparel and gourmet food purchases both in the tasting room and online.
  • Stone Hill Winery believes members should “have it your way” by allowing them to customize their order before it ships. Members also get recipes quarterly and a gift with the first shipment.
  • TerraVox Vineyards allows fans to become a TerraVox Explorer which includes two annual shipments of hand selected wines that may not be available to the public. Explorers will enjoy a different travel experience with each allotment, as no two sets will be the same.
  • West Winery members can sign up at the winery, via email or even on Facebook to gain access to the annual members-only dinner and the annual premium wine tasting.
  • Wild Sun Winery members enjoy exclusive access to a signature wine of the finest barrel aged dry red made by the winery and a members-only invitation to the release event.
  • 7C’s Winery offers a frequent shoppers club that is free to join and boasts discounts on wine purchases as well as the opportunity to win additional prizes.


Ready to explore Missouri wineries and join some exclusive wine clubs? This is a great way to get immersed into Missouri wine country and try local wines. What are you waiting for? Join your favorite wine club now!


Taste of Adventure in Missouri Wine Country

February 25, 2024

Pack your bags and prepare for a journey like no other as we dive into the enchanting world of Missouri Wine Country. From rolling vineyards to quaint tasting rooms, this blog is your ticket to discovering the best that the Show-Me State has to offer wine enthusiasts. Let trip planners be your guide as you navigate the vine-covered hills and raise a glass to unforgettable experiences.


Nestled along the banks of the Missouri River, Hermann is a picturesque town known for its rich German heritage and award-winning wineries.



Known as the first designated American Viticultural Area (AVA) in the United States, Augusta boasts a long-standing tradition of winemaking that continues to thrive today.



Lake of the Ozarks:

Embark on a journey to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks wine country with this trip planner.




This quaint town is renowned for its wineries, offering a delightful escape for wine enthusiasts looking to savor local flavors.




With its rich heritage, friendly locals and stunning landscapes, Sedalia is the perfect destination for travelers looking to unwind and savor the best of Missouri's wine country.



Kansas City:

Kansas City is a must-visit destination for those looking to discover the unique wine and rhythms of Missouri.



Excelsior Springs:

Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay, Excelsior Springs provides the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for exploring Missouri wine country.



Katy Trail:

If you're seeking a leisurely stroll through the countryside or an active adventure through scenic terrain, the Katy Trail promises an unforgettable experience across the heart of wine country.


St. James:

Known for its picturesque vineyards and welcoming atmosphere, St. James is a hidden gem just waiting to be explored.



Ste. Genevieve:

Ste. Genevieve offers a unique blend of culture, wine, and adventure with its rich French colonial history.



St. Louis:

The St. Louis area is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts looking to experience the heart of the Midwest.




Whether you're a wine enthusiast looking to sip and savor or an outdoor adventurer seeking scenic trails and waterways, Springfield and Branson have something for every traveler to enjoy in this enchanting region.


The enchanting world of Missouri Wine Country beckons to all who seek unforgettable experiences amidst picturesque vineyards and award-winning wineries. From the German heritage of Hermann to the thriving winemaking tradition of Augusta, each destination offers a unique blend of culture, history, and local flavors waiting to be explored. Cheers to traveling to Missouri Wine Country!




Totality Eclipse Viewing Party

Adam Puchta Winery


Join us as we celebrate the 2024 Solar Eclipse! Hermann will be at 97% totality of this rare solar eclipse. Enjoy a picnic lunch from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (partial phase starts at 12:40 a.m. with maximum at 1:59 p.m.)

Chef Alex will have delicious boxed lunches available for preorders to enjoy while viewing which will include solar viewing glasses (while supplies last).

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