Virologist to speak at Missouri wine and grape conference | Find out more about what will be covered at the Show Me… Retweet Favorite
Celebrities and presenters for the will have the chance to discover in their goodie bags:… Retweet Favorite
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The weather is feeling closer to spring, but for the inevitable return of chilly weather, we have a list of Winter… Retweet Favorite
Did you know that many port-style dessert wines that are made in Missouri use the Norton grape?… Retweet Favorite
country sees nearly 1 million tourists every year. Retweet Favorite
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Have you been wondering what's going on in the vineyards this time of year? It's pruning time:… Retweet Favorite
Celebrating with Angus producers from across the state at tonight’s Missouri Angus Association Annual Banquet!… Retweet Favorite
Tips for enjoying older wines: 1- Sit the bottle upright several hours ahead of opening to let any sediment settle… Retweet Favorite
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2 great reasons to decant wine: 1- Aerate a big, bold red that needs to loosen up (like a MO Norton, perhaps) 2-… Retweet Favorite
The vines are sleeping and it's a good thing because it sure has been chilly! Retweet Favorite