2018 MO Wine Lovers Calendar

January 02, 2018

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These days there's a holiday for everything, but the way we see it is... why not? Even if a holiday may seem a bit silly, we'll take the excuse to raise a glass of Missouri wine and celebrate. Will you join us this year? 

List of local and national wine themed holidays | Missouri Wines

January: Norton Month 

February: 18- Drink Wine Day, 24- Open That Bottle Night

March: 3- Mulled Wine Day 

April: Chardonel Month 

May: 9- Moscato Day, 25- National Wine Day 

June: Vidal Blanc Month, 9- Rose Day 

July: Concord Month 

August: Vignoles Month 

September: Missouri Wine Month 

October: Create your own MO wine celebration! 

November: Chambourcin Month 

December: 5- Repeal Day, 20- Sangria Day, 31- Sparkling Wine Day