It’s True, Missouri’s Cherry Wines Are Delicious!

February 17, 2014

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Most people know the story of a young George Washington not being able to lie to his father about cutting down a cherry tree. This popular tale started a tradition of people eating cherries on February 22 to honor Washington's birthday, a holiday now observed on the third Monday of the month. February is also National Cherry Month. What better way to celebrate the fruity festivities than with a glass of Missouri cherry wine?

Cherry is a predominant flavor profile found in many red wines. You're likely to discover the aroma and flavor of cherries in earthy Chambourcin. Cherries are also the main ingredient in some of Missouri’s well-known fruit wines. Wineries such as Pirtle, Sainte Genevieve, St. James and Wenwood Farm produce award-winning cherry wines that have become favorites for their distinct flavors. Each winery that produces cherry wine has a little bit of a different spin on it, such as Hermannhof's cherry wine that is sweet and crisp, while OOVVDA Winery offers cherry wine with intense, spicy characteristics. Montelle Winery's award-winning cherry brandy is great for gourmet cooking, and sipping before or after a meal.

The pairing of cherries with luscious milk chocolate is delightful. Ladoga Ridge Winery's award-winning Chococherry Kiss wine blends the sweetness of black cherries with the decadent flavor of chocolate. The chocolate cherry dessert wine from Riverwood Winery has hints of cinnamon and clove.

In addition to chocolate, cherry wines are a good match for grilled pork, Thai food, curry and sushi. Cherries marinated in red wine that is seasoned with orange peel and cinnamon are tasty with ice cream. Or try pairing your favorite Missouri varietals with cherry dishes. For example, the richness of a full-bodied Norton is excellent with a sauce of dried cherries and port over lamb chops. Sweet Catawba compliments a slice of cherry angel food cake well.

If you're looking for a fresh way to enjoy Missouri wines, try cherry!

Missouri wine pairs well with cherries!