Grab Your Girls and Get Away to MO Wine Country!

August 25, 2015

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There’s nothing else quite like a getaway with your girlfriends. Whether it’s the side-cramp-inducing laughter, the overwhelming support or the everlasting memories made, we know time with your girlfriends is cherished. There is no better place to sit back and enjoy your favorite gals than Missouri wine country.

You can hit the trail, the wine trail that is, on one of Missouri’s ten wine trails. All different and wonderful in their own ways and offering everything from quaint town squares, to breathtaking views, to swanky city locales, to picturesque countryside. One of the wine trails even hosts an annual event honoring those female friendships that mean so much, Diva Weekend on the Route du Vin Wine Trail.

Often the journey is just as important as the destination. So why not make that part fun and exciting too? If you and your gal pals enjoy cycling, hop on a bike and explore the Katy Trail. There are many wonderful wineries along the way. Or take the train to wine country. Talk about a memorable way to travel! All aboard; next stop, wine country!

However you choose to get there, Missouri wine country has so much to offer. There are of course the award-winning wines to taste, winemakers to talk to, delicious food to pair with your new favorite wines and beautiful vineyards to see. Then on top of all that you’ll find shopping, from boutique to antique, near most wineries, and there’s no shortage of fascinating history in wine country.

There’s so much to do and see, you may need more than a day for your girlfriends’ getaway. So, where should you stay? There are several wineries that offer onsite accommodations. Or there’s always the exciting new trend of glamping (Yes, that means exactly what you think… glamorous camping!).

When planning your next adventure, look no further than Missouri. Wine country is calling; will you answer?