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Whether you bike the Katy Trail, ride the rails or road trip with your best friends, Missouri wine country should be your next destination. With more than 125 wineries and ten wine trails, there’s something for everyone in Missouri wine country. 

Below you'll find information on Missouri's beautiful Wine Trails, our latest travel related news article and even some ideas to create your own Wine-tinerary!

Wine Trails

Wine Opener

Missouri has more than 125 wineries and many of them have grouped together in their areas to form ten unique wine trails. Each wine trail has something different to offer visitors. Find the best one for you or check out all of them. Pre-planned wine adventures… yes, please! Learn More

Travel News

Exciting Announcement from MO Wine MVP

September 28,2017
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! You may or may not have heard the recent “breaking news” from Missouri Wines. Due to the popularity among its members, the Missouri Winery Visitors Program is being extended another full year! You now...

Tourism Tools for Exploring MO Wine Country

September 26,2017
September 27th is Tourism Day, but we think every day is a good day to explore Missouri wine country. However, with more than 130 wineries and 12 wine trails scattered all over the state, how are you supposed to figure out where to go and when? We...


French Colonial
French Colonial Winetinerary
Heart of MO Wine-tinerary
Heart of MO Winetinerary
Little Italy Winetinerary
Metro Triangle Winetinerary
Metro Triangle Winetinerary
Rhineland Winetinerary
River Road Winetinerary
River Road Winetinerary