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Register Your Winery


Steps to register as a winery with the Missouri Wine and Grape Board

  1. Obtain the proper licensing: Domestic, 22MS, or LMS license according to the Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control, one or more of these licenses must be held to be considered a winery in Missouri. Contact ATC for more information and to apply for a license: 573-751-2333.

  2. Once you are producing wine and open to the public, contact the Missouri Wine and Grape Board and request a “New Winery Form”. Missouri Wine and Grape Board 1616 Missouri Blvd Jefferson City, MO 65109 Phone: 800.392.9463 Fax: 573.522.2416 Email:

  3. Complete the form and send it back to our office along with any high resolution photos of your winery. Once we receive your form we will add your winery to our website listing.

  4. Keep us up to date on your amenities and contact information.