St. Paddy’s Sparkling Green Sangria

March 09, 2017

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St. Paddy's Sparkling Green Sangria Pitcher and GlassWhen it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to get festive and sip something green! This refreshingly tart, sparkling green sangria is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. The recipe is easy to make and may be adjusted to meet your favorite flavor preferences. Whether you like it tart or sweet, this is a fun beverage to serve guests on St. Patrick’s Day!

Time: Prep:  15 minutes  |  Chill:  2-4 hours

Yield: 6-8 servings


  • St. Paddy's Sparkling Green Sangria Ingredients1 bottle – Missouri Vignoles - an assortment of citrus, floral and tropical fruit flavors

  • 2 cups – Limeade

  • 2 liters – Ginger Ale

  • 6-8 – Kiwis

  • 4-6 – Limes - extra for garnish

  • 4 – Fresh Mint Leaves - extra for garnish

St. Paddy's Sparkling Green Sangria PitcherDirections:

Peel and slice the kiwis and limes into wheels and layer the fruit in a pitcher. Add mint leaves on top for a festive look. Pour in the wine and limeade; stir for a few minutes. Chill 2-4 hours to let the flavors combine. Stir the sangria once again prior to serving. Pour the sangria into a glass about half way and top it off with ginger ale. (Note – If your pitcher is large enough you may add ginger ale directly into the pitcher.) Garnish each glass with a lime and mint leaf.

*Pro Tip* If you like sweet more than tart, add simple syrup, agave, or sugar to taste into the pitcher and mix it up before chilling.