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Meet Mo

Well hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m Mo – former Missouri wine neophyte turned “Show Me” State wine enthusiast. Since my discovery of all the flavors of wine this grape state produces, I have made it my goal to explore, experience, and share my Missouri wine adventures. By clicking here or the below image you can download this handy dandy guide to learn more about the wonderful wines that await your warm embrace.  If video's more your style, click play to learn about Mo's adventures!  Want more videos?  We've got you covered!  Click here to see even more Mo videos.

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MO Memorial Day

Mo Knows: Memorial Day and MO Wines

May 26,2016
Memorial Day is meant to be a day of remembrance and appreciation. Friends and family gather together on this long weekend to celebrate our freedom and say thank you to those who’ve made it possible for us to do so. Let’s raise a...

9 Tips for Spotless Wine Glasses

March 24,2016
Quality wine glasses are beautiful and impressive. They enhance our experience of enjoying delicious, award-winning Missouri wines but can be a bit of a bother to clean. Here are some tips for making your wine glasses sparkle, easily. Ditch...
patrons at the tasting bar of a winery

Winery Tasting Room Tips

March 03,2016
There are more than 130 wineries in Missouri and they are all a little different. That’s the beauty, right? Visiting a winery can be a truly fantastic experience, and one of the best parts is the wine tasting. However, if you’re new...


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Discover all that country has to offer in this "Mo On the Go!" video:
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What can a 's color tell you? and decode the secrets of wine color!
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